10 Purposeful Things To Do While On A Career Break

Shriya Sarang

20th Nov'22
10 Purposeful Things To Do While On A Career Break | OpenGrowth

Journey around the globe? Never leave your old t-shirt and sweatpants behind. drink countless amounts of coffee while gazing at nothingness? became dependent on daytime TV soaps? Alluring hobbies, but you can only consume so much coffee, and watching daytime TV for more than an hour might be dangerous to your health! What do you do in the interim to avoid brain rust and body moss, assuming you still intend to return to work outside of your domestic responsibilities at some point in the future? How can you transform your hibernation into a useful rest and renewal?

At first, taking a career hiatus may sound intimidating, but it could end up being the finest choice you ever make. A break could motivate you, help you advance your skills, or even change the direction of your career. Not to mention the benefits to your general welfare and sense of value on a personal level.

Your sabbatical or work break could last anything from one month to more than a year. People are taking breaks later in life for a growing range of reasons, ranging from mental health to learning a language to simply traveling the world. And you might be surprised to learn that some employers actually welcome career breaks.

So reserve your flights, find a tenant for your house, and go for it. Here are ten reasons why, in our opinion.


1. Travel the Globe


You didn't take a gap year when you were younger, did you? Or are you just looking to travel and discover? One of the most common justifications for taking a work sabbatical is to travel more, although some people find this difficult to support.

For us, that is obvious. A career break seems like a drop in the ocean when you consider that the typical UK individual works for more than 40 years of their life. We believe everyone ought to go through it. a minimum of once, if not more. Also, read more about career breaks here

Travel the Globe

2. Develop your passion.


Now is your chance to pursue your dreams of becoming a photographer or becoming an expert in a sport like sailing, skiing, or snowboarding.

Finding time for new activities can be challenging while you work nine to five, but taking a professional break could help you advance in just a few months. With specialized training that prepares you with formal credentials, such as our ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses, you may potentially go all the way to the instructor level.


3. Develop fresh skills


Make use of your career break to earn real-world experience and abilities that could aid in your promotion, transfer to a new position, or entry into a whole different field of employment.

You may manage an excursion, manage a group of volunteers, or become a ski patroller, for instance. A paid position like an English teacher could open the door to a new position in training, education, or international work. Additionally, running a bar in a ski resort would give you management and leadership abilities, as well as the experience you need to begin a career in the hospitality or snowsports sector.


4. Get Perspective


You can gain perspective and determine what you truly want out of life by taking a break. You can evaluate what's really important to you, what your values are, and what you believe in by engaging in new relationships, activities, and environments.

A step back can help you think things through and see the wider picture if you're feeling unfulfilled. Do you have the wrong profession? Does your work-life balance need to be improved?

You'll have an easier time determining what you want out of life if you give yourself adequate time and space.


5. Go after your dreams


What do you imagine in your dreams? Where would you like to travel? When you were younger, what did you want to be?

Take a sabbatical and live that dream, knowing you may return to your previous life if things don't work out. You may sail across the world, cycle through Africa, spend a winter in the mountains, or just relax on a beach and take it easy.


6. Seek balance in your mental health


Today's culture is concerned about depression and anxiety, with one in four people in the UK thought to suffer from mental health issues each year (mind.org.uk).

Take a break from the constant stress and strain of daily living before things start to spiral. For many people, a lengthy vacation in a different country may be all that is required to help them rebalance and recharge.


7. Get linguistic, learn a new language or polish up on an old one


Speaking another language is very beneficial for both personal and professional reasons. The best approach to learning is to live overseas, interact with the locals, and become fully immersed in their culture.

Local language classes can help you become more confident and teach you the fundamentals. The best approach to advance is to develop friends with native speakers, find part-time work in the area, and stay away from other English speakers who will inevitably tempt you to stop using the dialect.


8. Put a new career to the test


It's a big step to start a brand-new job from scratch, but taking a career sabbatical gives you an ideal chance to test things out. Give yourself six months or longer to gain experience, give it a try, and have fun while doing it; don't stress about how good you'll be or how much you'll earn.

You can consider working with animals in the Amazon, becoming a certified ski instructor, or teaching in Tanzania. If you wish to work for yourself, you may enrol in a school in graphic design, establish a blog on travel, or even begin writing the book you've always wanted to.


9. Reaffirm your identity


It's not necessary to completely change your life when taking a career hiatus. In reality, taking a vacation can help many people rediscover what they love.

You might realise how much you cherish your friends, how much you like your profession, and how much you love where you live after taking a step back, gaining some space, and recharging your batteries. You could come back from this new viewpoint with a newfound excitement for the life you left behind.

Reaffirm your Identity

10. Improve your health


Most of us slump over computers for much too much of our working days. The negative health effects of inactivity range from arthritis and poor vision to back pain and neck strain.

If this describes you, start living a healthier life by taking an active professional break. Go on a yoga retreat in India, hike New Zealand's length, or spend the winter in the Alps. You'll notice how much better you feel and look as soon as the health advantages start to take effect.

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