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Real Estate - Sustainable and Green Living

Isha Panwar

9th Feb'21
Real Estate - Sustainable and Green Living | OpenGrowth

Sustainable and Green Living

The home buyers have specified the relevance of green homes and healthy living. In line with this, the cost conserving factor has considerably impacted on the mindset of modern home buyers and builders. 

Sustainable living includes the use of resources in an optimal fashion, lessening its impact on the surrounding atmosphere. Use of renewable energy and recycled substances with effective use of landscapes and construction management system set the foundation for green homes. 

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Sustainable housing acts as habitable spaces where the occupants have both the opportunity and the desire to reside beyond the short-term, which is conducive to their socio-economic development and respectful of the natural environment. To read more, Click Here


Green house


Rise in Demand of Green Houses

Homebuyers’ unique proposal for green area and natural lighting arises from a conscious intention towards healthy and green living. The realtors have dabbed this opportunity and encompassing green living into their project designs and construction to maintain the interest of home buyers. Besides, they also strive to achieve the holistic benefits that these projects offer.

A green building will meet its goal only if sustainable features are scheduled and integrated right at the middle, and the project design is created to motivate customers with attention to detail.  

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Steady Rise in Demand for Green Houses

Green buildings consume much less energy, less water, have areas designed for abundant sunlight and cross ventilation, all of which leads to lower monthly bills and better health. To read more, Click Here


Difference Between Sustainable Housing and Green Housing

The usage of elements and resources that are sustainable, have low embodied power, and produce a minimal environmental consequence are key elements in green construction, as is the productive use of water by appliances, faucets and shower heads, the recycling of grey water, and the reuse of rain water for landscaping and different non-potable purposes.

While the definition of green is fairly simple, sustainability has a more precise meaning originated from the term “sustainable agriculture,” which is the production of any plant or animal commodities using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal interest without compromising future generations’ capacity to do the similar.

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