Six Real-World Examples of How Quantum Computing is Transforming Society

Roshni Khatri

29th Aug'22
Six Real-World Examples of How Quantum Computing is Transforming Society | OpenGrowth

*With the use of quantum computers, scientists may eventually be able to address issues that are currently unsolvable. 1. Cryptography 2. Climate change and weather forecasting 3. Drug development and discovery 4. Financial Modeling 5. Artificial Intelligence 6. Healthcare *

In today’s era, when technology has grown by leaps and bounds, there is always a growing need for new trends in technology which can be beneficial to humankind as a whole. One such emerging trend is “quantum computing”. It is a phenomenon that works on the principles of quantum mechanics such as superposition, interference, and entanglement. With this we should also address the economics of cloud computing as it can control the administrative and maintenance cost.

The Basics of Quantum Computing

Traditional computers work on bits (0 & 1) where either the value is 0 or 1. However, in quantum computing, the values can simultaneously be both 0 and 1. However, quantum computers have been made successfully in giant firms. It will take ample time for the computers to be made for normal use as at present their size is comparatively bigger and they are used for research and data analytics.


Interference in physics is defined as the phenomenon in which two waves combine to form a resultant wave. The resultant wave can be of lower, greater, or the same amplitude. The waves are combined by adding their displacement.


Superposition implies that any two quantum states can be superposed, and the resultant state will be a quantum state that will be valid. 


The phenomena in which there is no provision for the identification of the independent states of the particles that are generated.

Practical Examples of Quantum Computing

It is no surprise that quantum computing will prove to be a big change for the world. The practical examples of quantum computing can prove to be a good substitute for traditional computing methods. Quantum computing can be applied to many concepts in today’s era when technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

1. Cryptography

Studying cryptography, also known as cryptology, is a study of the techniques and methods for safe and secure communication through coding. It prevents any third party from reading private messages or documents as it functions based on codes that enable the messages to be read only by the intended recipient. cryptography is a very important concept, especially in the tech-savvy world of today. Proper evolution in the field of cryptography is very much needed as it is responsible for maintaining ample and secure communication.

Quantum computing in Cryptography

The advent of quantum computing in the field of cryptography can prove to be of great advantage and fortune. It would be one of the best practical examples of quantum computing.  It seems to be the foreseen solution in cryptography.

Quantum computing can bring great impetus to cryptography and can provide secure communication as it isn’t based on any mathematical algorithm or code but instead works on the fundamental laws of physics, which make it impossible to hack virtually.

Quantum computers can create more accurate and powerful encryptions, which are more efficient compared to normal computers. It can create more perfect techniques. 

It is comparatively simpler to use as the rate of improvement in quantum computing-generated cryptography is much higher than the normal one. It can be of great value to various industries and governments.

2. Climate Change and Weather Forecasting

It is one of the best suited practical examples of quantum computing. With the increase in global warming and changing environmental conditions, it is quite challenging to provide accurate weather forecasts. Although the present systems that work on the weather forecast and the meteorological department are efficient, they need more efficiency in terms of making an accurate mark.

Quantum Computing in the Weather Forecast 

An ample amount of knowledge should be provided prior to any natural calamity such as landslides, earthquakes, cyclones etc so that preventive measures could be taken accordingly. This could only be done when there are more efficient computers in the systems. Quantum computing not only provides efficiency but also derives accuracy.

It can prevent severe damage and save lives if the correct and accurate prediction is made. Climate change can also be efficiently managed with quantum computing as it can nullify the carbon dioxide in the environment.

3. Drug Development and Discovery

Drug discovery is the process of discovering new medications in the fields of pharmacology and biotechnology. Modern drug discovery is very different from that of the earlier (traditional) one. In modern times, drug discovery is more of a capital-based process where large amounts of capital are kept at stake for the production of such drugs, either by the pharmaceutical company or the government. It is quite an extravagant and lengthy process. Although technology has made many advancements, there are still certain discrepancies which need to be filled so that the process can become efficient and cost-effective.  

The process should be cost-effective so that it can be accessible to the common people, otherwise, there is no point in producing any medicine. It should be easily accessible.  

Quantum Computing in Drug Development and Discovery

Quantum computing can bring a revolution in the fields of biotechnology and pharmacology. Therefore, since pharmacology focuses on molecules and molecules are based on quantum mechanics,  it can be of great benefit.  Since quantum computing is based on an atomic level, it can decode the signs and symptoms accurately, which are responsible for creating a drug. It can prove to be good.

As of now, not many advancements are seen in quantum computing in the drug development industry. However, it will be no surprise that, slowly and gradually, this will happen. 

4. Financial Modeling 

Financial modeling can be defined as a process in which the financial analysis of a business, firm, or project is done while keeping in consideration all the factors that might hinder its growth. It is a vital process as many things are based on it, like the allocation of capital, the evaluation of assets, estimating the value of a company, and so on.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, it is clear that accurate analysis of the possible risks is very important and our financial institutions are lagging in the same. Well-structured data maintenance and precise knowledge of the possible risks are very important in the financial sector. However, in the present scenario with the traditional computing methods, it is not that possible.

Quantum Computing in Financial Modeling

The practical examples of quantum computing in the sector of financial modeling can prove to be very beneficial to financial institutions, and the economy can also benefit. Although quantum computing is just emerging in this sector, it can be said that in the future it will be an important part of the sector.

At present, customers want personalized plans according to their needs. With traditional computing systems, it's quite difficult to analyze data so closely as to mold it according to every customer. However, with quantum computing, it is possible.

Fraudulent happenings are not new to the financial sector. Quantum computing can increase the efficiency of security of assets and other important things. Detection of fraud is also easy when quantum computing exists.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is defined as the process in which processes are carried out by the intelligence of machines, surpassing the intelligence displayed by humans and animals. It works on algorithms and programs. The demand for artificial intelligence is growing day by day. The mechanism is used almost everywhere, from simple apps to complex processes in security matters. Although classical computers are efficient at carrying out the process, there are certain limitations when the process becomes complex.

Quantum computing can prove to be comparatively more efficient than the classical one as it works based on qubits which are more efficient than binary digits. Quantum AI can be more useful and can create a new setup. 

Quantum Computing in Artificial Intelligence

Quantum AI implies the use of quantum computing techniques in the process of machine learning and the algorithms related to it. General artificial intelligence is best achieved with quantum computing, and the results can be very well achieved as compared to classical computing. The model of quantum artificial intelligence is based on the phenomena we experience in our daily lives.

The mechanism of quantum computing can help in doing calculations with accuracy and also solve the time constraints. The computing methods that are available today are good. They are similar in their way of functioning but require more accuracy, precision, and time taken in doing those calculations.

Giant firms have already begun the process of quantum computing in the field of artificial intelligence. The search algorithms of today are mostly designed according to classical computing methods. However, if they are improved and designed according to quantum computing methods, it could be beneficial.

6. Healthcare 

The health of a nation's population will determine its human resources, which in turn will determine the country's development and wealth, giving the healthcare sector a crucial role in that development. For proper maintenance of health, proper and timely diagnosis is very important, and well-formed medicine formulas and customized medicines are also important.

Although the present computing methods are good, the efficiency in the complex processes requires great efficiency and smoothness. Quantum computing offers efficiency, even in complexity. At a comparatively early stage, quantum computing enables effective and accurate diagnosis of disease. The early diagnosis of a disease can prove to be effective as medication and recovery are easy in the early stages. Early detection is a bit challenging. 

Quantum Computing in the Healthcare Sector

The advent of quantum computing in the healthcare industry could bring great development in the areas of detection, medication, and recovery. Early detection can help a lot. Proper structuring of data can enable the preparation of customized medication for patients, which can help them recover.

The maintenance of healthcare data is yet another important part of the healthcare industry. Clinical trials, electronic health records, and disease registries are all very important to maintain. Classical computers are efficient in carrying out the processes. However, the quantum computing mechanisms can be more reliable as they will provide more accuracy to the data records and ensure security against any fraudulent activities.

Certain tasks require more time on classical computers. However, when done through the basics of quantum computing, they will take comparatively less time. The year-long analysis can be done in a short period, which is very beneficial.

Other Important Applications of Quantum Computing

There are many more practical examples of quantum computing. It can prove to be very effective in cancer treatment if the malignant disease is traced in its early stages and the diagnosis is accurate. Through quantum computing, this is possible. 

Through quantum computing, personalized advertising can be created so that it does not bother the customers and visitors who find no relevance in it. Through quantum computing, segmented advertising can be created, which is beneficial for both the firms and the visitors.

Classical computers are known to be able to stimulate molecules. However, they aren’t efficient at doing so if the complexities are higher. Since quantum computing is based on qubits and not bits, it can analyze the molecule stimulation a lot more efficiently.

The optimization of the portfolio has also become important in these competitive times. Portfolio optimization implies the analysis and selection of the assets that need investment. It is a crucial process in the industry as the investment is made, taking into consideration the perks it can give in the future. With classical computers, it can be a bit limited. However, with quantum computing, the process will be more efficient.

Thus there is a great impact of technology over human lives as it has become convenient to make contact with the innovative technological world.

Summing up

All in all, it is evident enough that quantum computing is the technology of the future. Although it may take a long time to be accessible to everyone, it will take the technology forum to great heights. The world needs this new technology. It will overcome the limitations of the traditional computer and will outperform its functions. 

Since it is based on quantum mechanics, it can dive deeper and provide more accurate solutions to problems as discussed in the above topics. There are many other arenas where quantum computing can do wonders.

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