Remote Work and Flexible Schedule: Good, Bad, and Surprising

Sunny Samanta

31st Oct'21
Remote Work and Flexible Schedule: Good, Bad, and Surprising | OpenGrowth

Since the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns restricted our movements, remote work emerged as a blessing for millions worldwide. With unemployment reaching new heights and more people losing their jobs, remote work ensured they still had a chance. Chance to keep or pursue a job to meet ends in the most catastrophic time of the past decade. Also, predictions says that remote work will be bigger and better in future. However, shifting from the traditional working methods was never easy as people struggled to fit in with the new ways of work. But once settled, more and more people realized the potential benefits of work from home during Covid-19.

Today, reports show that many professionals are in awe of remote work. They want to continue remote work even after things go back to the traditional ways of working. Furthermore, experts are continuously pitching in to keep remote work as part of the workspace eco-system. A lot of the debate made for its inclusion in creating the new ways of work is due to the several benefits that come with it. A flexible schedule is considered one of the primary benefits of remote work. But is it all that beneficial and doesn’t bring any side effects? Let’s take a look at it.


Remote Work


Remote Work and Flexible Schedule: The Good

Imagine not having to wake up at 7 in the morning, drag yourself to shower, and then drive through the morning rush to reach the office on time. Now, imagine not having to work when you don’t like it instead of having the liberty to work at your selected hours. Had someone told me about these things before the pandemic kicked in, I would have probably imagined that I was dreaming. But it isn’t, and we all have remote work to thank for it. Moreover, it is not just the liberty to select the work hours that have blessed us with remote work. Flexible scheduling has allowed us to ensure that we can spend more time with our family and friends while while maintaining motivation when remote working.

Furthermore, because of the flexible schedule in remote work, we can afford to have personal pet projects and spend time doing things we want more often than we were able to before. But the best part of a flexible schedule is the ability to indulge more in self-care, which was mainly missing in the traditional ways of working. And how we can underestimate the power not to have to see our boss hovering over us nine to five.


Remote Work


Remote Work and Flexible Schedule: The Bad

Needless to say, the good cannot exist without the bad. And just like the many goods that have come out of remote work and flexible schedules, some bad evolutions have taken place as well.

The first bad thing about remote work and flexible schedules is the drop in communication. Yes, ever since remote work has taken over during the pandemic, it is evident that there has been a drop in communication with colleagues and co-workers. As a result, teams have struggled to form the strong professional bonding that enabled them to oversee any work collectively smoothly. Furthermore, arranging meetings with the teams has become the most challenging task for a leader and the manager.

Secondly, with the obvious lack of structure at home, many professionals have blurred the lines between work and life. For example, while working from home, one of your friends visits and asks you to go for a “Bowling” match-up. And since it is one of the sports you enjoy the most, you end up taking the offer and going out with him. Now, the work you could have accomplished in the next couple of hours stays pending until late at night. What’s more? It is always difficult to shift between different modes to a work mode. As a result, you have difficulty meeting deadlines after deadlines which ultimately takes over your self-care and other benefits that you thought you would get from working from home.


Remote Work and Flexible Schedule: The Surprising

Somewhere between the good and bad of the flexibility granted by working from home has little surprises for everyone. First, the employer keeps wondering about his employees taking advantage of the flexible remote work schedule. The surprise is that most employees get easily distracted and work more hours for you than you have expected due to the flexible schedule.

Second, it is for the employees themselves who can afford more time with their family and children owing to the flexibility of the remote work schedule. As a result, families with remote workers have witnessed an improvement in the happy quotient.

Third and last, nothing has changed for remote working women. Despite living in the 21st century, women are still expected to shoulder the heavy chunk of house chores that includes cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids (if any).


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