Remote Working and Technology – Building the Right Culture

Sunny Samanta

28th May'21

Today, as we know remote working, has carved for itself a big niche instead of the traditional methods of working, mainly, where people had to travel to a workplace where they can work. And while Covid-19 would like us to thank itself for giving remote working a giant push, the main reason behind its growth is the advancing technology. Technology has constantly been evolving ways in which people can work and interact together. However, this is one place that might still put up a considerable challenge, and that’s building the right culture.


Their work culture mainly defines workplaces. Now, people may argue that it is not a huge deal to worry about. But ask any leader, and they will tell you how a strong culture serves as the foundation of a company’s success. Since remote working is still in its infancy, we should start caring about strong remote work culture. Otherwise, there can be consequences that you can read below.


Remote Work and Technology


An Exodus of People

People leaving one company for another isn’t new. People go mostly when they grow confident about the present situation they are in. Once they start to identify that they deserve more and can even get it, they will most likely switch. However, with people remote working, they now have more time to re-evaluate their happiness and job satisfaction with their current company. They start to think that they can achieve more while handling the work, home, and life challenges much better they will begin considering it.


Talent hunting has always been a thing in the corporate world. One way or the other, companies do look to recruit better candidates from time to time to boost their efficiency and productivity. So, it is now up to leaders to hold onto their talents or lose them to competitors. Therefore, perhaps developing based on priorities, interests, and attitudes can solidify that your employees don’t leave your company that easily.


Decrease in Engagement

When it comes to working in comparison with Pre-Covid times, burnout has been plaguing many people. The reason behind burnout is mainly caused by stress, overwork, and even isolation. Research shows that burned out people are more likely to quit their workplaces as soon as they recover from it and gain confidence. Burnout leads to lower engagement, and lower engagement means lower performance. Therefore, it’s more important in remote working that leaders build a culture where people can feel like they belong. Unless they feel anything for the company or their leader, you will never see them putting in the extra effort that one might like to see.


Lack of Proper Strategy

One of the significant responsibilities of a leader is ensuring everyone who directly reports to them understands their business strategies. Based on it, they must develop every team member and possible future hiring possible talent gaps. However, it is easier said than done. While a leader can estimate what the current talent lacks, the future talent will have, it will not work. As once you have that talent hired, you will most likely find a defect in that as well. Hence, it is easier said than done.


When an employee finds themselves disconnected from the company’s focus areas, they will have a problem performing to its expectations. Imagine if several employees start feeling the same thing. Your company will soon begin suffering and might even have difficulty moving from a tiny point to another small point. Therefore, it becomes essential to build the right culture to make the most out of remote working.



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