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Resource-Based Mentoring

Shriya Sarang

22nd May'22
Resource-Based Mentoring | OpenGrowth

A resource-based mentoring relationship is also a one-on-one mentoring connection, but the mentee chooses it. Resource-based mentoring, also known as self-directed mentoring, is when a mentee is provided information about various mentors inside a company and then picks his or her mentor.

This form of relationship is advantageous since the mentee selects his or her mentor and is hence responsible for the outcomes. However, because the mentee selects from a list, it's feasible that the two will be mismatched. The mentor may have opposing learning/teaching approaches or an incompatible temperament.

Ken, for example, chooses Erin from a list of potential mentors because Erin is an expert in investing and accounting, and Ken is interested in learning more about this field in preparation for future advancements.


Benefits of Resource-based Mentoring


Some of the benefits of resource-based mentoring are similar to those of one-on-one mentoring. The primary difference is that a Mentoring Program Manager does not interview and match corporate mentors and mentees. Instead, business mentors agree to have their names included in a list of available mentors that a mentee can pick from. It is up to the mentee to start the process by reaching out to one of the volunteer mentors. This methodology often receives little support within the business, and it might lead to mismatched mentor-mentee matches.



Some more benefits can be listed as - 

  1. Leadership: Individual leadership qualities can be developed through mentoring. Outstanding leaders can impart their knowledge and crucial lessons to those who are less experienced or are going to take on a leadership role. People can be effectively trained by sharing challenges and fostering a leader support system.

  2. Women in leadership: Mentoring is being used by many organizations to help and empower women in their jobs. Because there is a lack of gender equity in senior leadership roles in the majority of organizations around the world, efforts must be taken to support women's upward mobility. Mentoring can aid women at critical periods of their careers by guiding and inspiring them, resulting in a stronger career pipeline for women within organizations. Guider is thrilled to be partnering with LVMH to assist them to achieve gender parity in senior leadership roles by 2020.

  3. Succession planning: Mentoring for succession planning, like leadership development, entails identifying high-performing employees and preparing them for senior roles within the organization through mentorship. This establishes a talent pipeline throughout the organization, and potential successors benefit from firsthand knowledge and assistance.


The Conclusion


All sorts of mentorship have an impact and can be used for various purposes within your company. The goal is to figure out who your mentorship program is aimed at and learn what they hope to acquire from the experience from that group.

It may take some trial and error to figure out what form of mentoring is ideal for your employees and your objectives. You might discover that a combination of programs works best for your company.

We at OpenGrowth, are committed to keeping you updated with the best content on the latest trendy topics from any major field. Also, both your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. So, do share them in the comment section below.

Shriya Sarang holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Apart from having no political opinions, she advocates financial literacy among her friends. 


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