Robotic Process Automation: Repairing Broken Processes

Sudeshna Dutta

4th Oct'20

RPA implementation is quite simple if you have a clear and distinct roadmap. As you can see above, most RPA deployments take much less than two months. This consists of the time required to configure, check, and launch RPA bots into production.


Robotic Process Automation opengrowth


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Identify methods that will yield the biggest benefits

To maximize the effect of RPA, pick out the most impactful processes. These methods have a tendency to be affecting each value and revenues. Most impactful strategies are high-priced and contact customers.


Benefits of Robotic Process Automation Opengrowth


For example, quote-to-cash can be costly if pricing regulations are no longer clear. The speed and effectiveness of the quote-to-cash system can certainly make or spoil a sale. Such methods are desirable candidates for RPA if they can be automated.


High volume

One of the key advantages of RPA is the discount of human effort. You need to begin automating your perfect quantity techniques first.



If a method can no longer deal with any errors, then its automation must both be deprioritized or there must be the best management system to make certain that automation mistakes get caught. RPA bots count numbers on the consumer interface (UI) to raise out their tasks.

They can have blunders due to UI adjustments or procedure changes. For example, it makes the feel to automate the invoice-to-pay system for most companies. However, repayments above a sure cost would want to be authorized via humans.



The extra guide blunders in a process, the greater advantages your enterprise can get by way of automating such a process. Manual errors can reason great purchaser ride or regulatory issues mainly in purchaser dealing with processes.



Any tactics that can extend the delivery of offerings to clients are appropriate candidates for automation as automation can make methods instantaneous.


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