Same Day Delivery: The Next Evolutionary Step in Parcel Logistic

Same Day Delivery: The Next Evolutionary Step in Parcel Logistic | OpenGrowth

New normal has emerged across the globe due to the pandemic state. Every sector is observing quick and technological advancements especially for the delivery speeds that customers expect when they order online. The standard has been reset by the likes of Amazon and several other market leaders, which are placing increasingly strong pressure on incumbent players to respond. A broad effort was conducted to take stock of the current situation, focusing on Europe and, particularly, on Germany—from both a market and a consumer perspective.


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Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is a quick delivery service where  consumers receive their packages within the day after purchasing them from the retailer. It is possible all because of technological advancement and more working hands. 

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Importance of Same Day Delivery 

With the world turning into a technology freak and doing most of everything over the internet, shopping is the most preferred online. It’s importance is increasing day by day for easy accessibility and availability.

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Demands for Same Day Delivery 

The shift towards online is increasing the demand for same day delivery services. Internet and technological advancement has increased the demand on online trends.

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