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Say Goodbye to the Extra Weight with These 5 Little Changes

Sunny Samanta

18th Jun'21
Say Goodbye to the Extra Weight with These 5 Little Changes | OpenGrowth

With the vaccine drive catching up speed, I’m hoping to be traveling again soon without risking my or anyone else’s life due to the coronavirus. I’m sure most of you like me must have already started hatching up plans for the “Post Covid-19 pandemic life”. Post Covid-19 Pandemic? Is that even a possibility? So, I rephrase. Let’s call it the “Post Double Vaccinated World.” The world that has undergone a transition in the past year and a half. Yes, there were several positives, but ignoring the negatives from it has become plain impossible. The confinement had hit a lot of us and hit us hard. From mental health issues to rising financial problems to the extra weight gained ‘unintentionally,’ the coronavirus pandemic has tested us in every possible way.


Extra Weight


Extra Weight Gained ‘Unintentionally’

Now that I look at those three, i.e., mental health knockdown, affected financial conditions, and the extra weight gained that later somehow sticks out for me. Like the other day, I was trying on some of my “not so old” favorite clothes (mainly T-shirts and Shirts), I almost had a meltdown. I had a tummy staring right at me across the mirror, saying, “Howdy?” Trust me, at that moment, my depressed self had a depression attack. But the instant thought that I must not be alone in this situation gave me comfort, and I used that as a motor drive to start working on losing weight – Losing weight at home nonetheless. 

Now, I’m not going to bother any of us with how people gained weight because none of us must have an interest in it. So, let’s move right into some of my findings that you can do while staying at home to Lose that extra weight.


How to lose extra weight at home


How to Lose Extra Weight at Home?

Right after that particular “Howdy” moment and the long night spent lying on the bed, wondering when this happened while moving my hands on my tummy, I sat up and spent hours researching the internet. Later the next morning, followed by some notable fitness experts I knew and a friend’s connection, I figured out a possible solution. I immediately grounded myself to those challenges and started following them up like a ritual. A week later, I already felt a disconnect with my tummy, and that felt so good. By the way, I’m no hardcore fitness pro person. So, I mostly adapted to the changes that weren’t physically demanding and were, mostly, easy to fit in my daily routine. If you are still interested in finding it, please continue reading.


Lose the Extra Weight at Home with These 5 Little Changes in your Routine


Morning walk


1. Start Moving a Bit More

Undeniably, movement is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. So, many exercises are designed around body movements. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s obvious that we have lost most of our daily movements like visiting a friend, shopping, traveling, etc. However, if you wish to start losing that extra weight, perhaps, it’s time to take more breaks from your bed, couch, and Netflix life. Besides, moving a bit more can be easily accomplished, for example: Walking around your home. You can even take up gardening and cleaning if that’s a possibility. Likewise, you can find your reasons to start moving a bit more to burn some excessive calories.


Drink Water


2. Drink More Water

Water consumption has been a common problem with a lot of people. There has been numerous research done to prove that many of us don’t drink enough water daily. Besides, when your body isn’t tired much, it becomes easier to avoid drinking water. As a result, our body gets dehydrated, and dehydration can lead to overeating practices and low energy. So, do not be okay with not drinking enough water a day. One way to avoid that is to keep a water bottle in front of you all the time as a reminder to drink enough water daily.


Fiber Meal Plan


3. Increase Your Fiber Intake

One of my major findings was the benefits of having high fiber meal plans in your daily diet. It has been scientifically proven (and tried by myself) that fiber intake helps with weight loss. Also, fiber food can keep your belly full for a longer time without the need to eat consistently. Oats, quinoa, beans, lentils, fruits, and vegetables are a great way to increase your daily fiber intake. Moreover, fiber foods have several other benefits, such as improved gut health and a lower risk of chronic diseases.


Don't Sit


4. Take a Stand and Stand More

Lying down in bed, sitting on the couch consumes most of our time at home. Especially, being seated for long hours can have several negative impacts on our bodies. Back problem is the most notable outcome of it. Whereas standing up more can give a healthful boost to anyone. If you can stand for six hours a day, you can potentially lose up to five pounds of your weight in a year. So, yes, standing up can also increase your calories. Also, with remote work now an actual thing, you can pick a place to work where you can stand with your computer and phone.




5. Don’t Neglect Sleep

Studies have shown that a lot of people have difficulty sleeping well. There are a plethora of reasons for it, ranging from work-related stress to unhealthy eating habits. However, not many people are aware of good regular sleep. When you start to have restful nights, you will automatically feel a positive change in your body. As a result, you can stay more motivated towards losing the extra weight at home. Also, the other four little changes, i.e., staying hydrated, increasing fiber intake, moving a bit more, and standing up for more hours daily, contribute immensely towards helping us sleep well at night.



So, this was my finding of how to lose weight at home. If you are struggling with your extra weight, you can adapt to these easy and comfortable minor changes. Also, if you have other tips on how to lose extra weight, do share them with us.


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