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4th Jan'22
Scanbin - A Smart Trash Can  | OpenGrowth

We are pretty aware that technology is making lives easier. We are surrounded by technologies like smart lights, smartphones, and even intelligent door sensors. In the last few years, Artificial intelligence has taken over everything. But have you ever thought of Scan Dustbin? A smart trash can that can do grocery work for you or help you to make a list for grocery shopping? Or tell you the things you have to buy from the market? Sounds Amazing! Then, let’s know about Scanbin.


What is Scanbin?

Scanbin is a multifunctional smart dustbin. It has a barcode scanner that recognizes the product and automatically adds it to the shopping list in the app that comes with the product itself. With the provided scanbin code, you can log into the app with other devices. It allows up to four logins simultaneously, so the whole family can edit or discuss lists.

This smart bin indicates when filled with trash, by connecting to the home wifi. The dustbin is waterproof. Apart from all these features, the bin generates the sound like a supermarket billing whenever the barcode is scanned.


What is the need for Scanbin?

Today everyone is busy with work, and people barely get the time to sit and make a shopping list for the household. Here is when Scanbin is used. It will save your precious time, which you will use to make a list for shopping. It will not only add luxury, convenience to your home but is also affordable to buy. This innovative bin is termed as the ground-breaking product, which will help households on a different level.



The Technology behind this Innovation

Reading about its features, you must have thought that its manufacturing must be complicated. Not at all! To be precise, it is a metallic structure with a scanner. There are a few things that are pretty complicated in the process.



Arduino is the link between computers and electronic devices. It is the main key that leads to Automatic lid open operation getting done. It is placed at the top of the cap of the bin. Arduino is designed so that the ultrasonic sensors detect an object and or any human hand; the lid will open. The bin will take the waste in and it will be automatically closed after a certain time. Arduino works on simple  C++, so it will be easy to modify or apply any kind of program. 


Ultrasonic Sensors 

Ultrasonic sensors work at sound frequencies above the range of human hearing. It is located above the waste cap. It senses changes in motion and constantly sends messages to the mechanical motor to open the lid.



The barcode scanner is located at the bottom of the lid. It can search for the product barcode when the lid is opened. The scanner can be easily mounted on metal surfaces and therefore does not add weight. After reading the code, it sends the product details to the app developed for Scanbin, connects to the home WiFi, and sends information to the app.


Smart dustbin


The Final Setup 

Scanbin is much more intelligent than the dumb dustbins at our homes. The final setup is the showdown of the efficient working of the bin. Indeed, it will take the same space as other dustbins but it will be more helpful at our homes.  



Scanbin, without any doubt or debate, will add ease to the lives of busy individuals. There is always a need for technology innovation. From space balloons to contactless parking, technology is setting new benchmarks. Scanbin is one of the greatest innovations to make dustbins more useful and helpful. Once it lands in the market, it would surely create a buzz. 


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