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Self-Healing ‘Living Concrete’

Isha Panwar

11th Feb'21

Self-Healing Concrete

Scientists have used bacteria to develop a sustainable concrete that is live, and can even simulate, an advance that may assist reduce the environmental impact of the construction enterprise. Minerals in the new substance are deposited by cyanobacteria, a common class of microbes that catch energy from sunlight through photosynthesis, according to the research published in the journal Matter. 

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Environmentally friendly ‘living concrete’ capable of self-healing

Researchers said this building material has structural load-bearing function, is capable of self healing and is more environmentally friendly than concrete – which is the second most-consumed material on Earth after water. To read more, Click Here


Self-Healing ‘Living Concrete’


What Is Self-Healing Concrete? 

In modern days, the utilization of technology has taken the principles of construction to a new high status. Different types of techniques, methods and materials are used to fulfill a very good, sustainable and economic concrete construction.

But due to human mistakes, incorrect handling and unskilled labors. A productive building is tough to sustain its designed life. Many problems like weathering, cracks, leaks and bending etc., arises after the construction. To endure these types of difficulties, many remedial procedures are attempted before and after the construction. This ordinary problem of cracking in building has several remedies before and after the break. One of the remedial procedure is a Self-Healing Concrete.

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Scientists create living concrete using bacteria

Scientists have used bacteria to create a sustainable concrete that is alive, and can even reproduce, an advance that may help reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry. To know more, Click Here

“Living concrete” is an interesting first step

The idea of mixing living things and concrete isn't quite as strange as it sounds. Part of concrete's strength comes from carbonates that are formed during the curing process. To read more, Click Here

Bricks Alive! Scientists Create Living Concrete

Minerals in the new material are deposited not by chemistry but by cyanobacteria, a common class of microbes that capture energy through photosynthesis. To read more, Click Here


Creation of Living Building Materials

A living building material (LBM) is a material utilized in construction or industrial design that acts in a way resembling a live organism. Examples include: self-mending bio cement, self-replicating concrete replacement, and mycelium-based composites for building and packaging. Artistic programs include building components and household commodities.

We are already aware about the experimental self-healing concrete, that can rebuild cracks within itself. Now, scientists have got on a step further, using bacteria to create building materials that can be accumulated on-site – and that regenerate when broken.

Read the below article to know more about it: 

Bacteria used to create "living" building materials

We've already heard about experimental self healing concrete, that can repair cracks within itself. Now, scientists have gone a step further, utilizing bacteria to create building materials that can be grown on-site – and that regenerate when broken. To read more, Click Here

A fascinating look at living building materials

With increased interest from building owners (and the general public) in environmentally responsible building solutions, we’re seeing the introduction of developments like ‘green roofs’. To read more, Click Here  

This new building material has cement - like strength - and it’s alive.

Concrete is the substance humans produce and use the most. And it has an equally large carbon footprint. To read more, Click Here


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