Setting Business Strategies in COVID

Neda Ali (Editor)

10th May'21
Setting Business Strategies in COVID | OpenGrowth

Business Strategies in COVID

The Sars - 2 Covid-19 pandemics has brought the new normal. We are forced to accept some changes while some changes are a boon for us. Likewise, the entire work scenario has also changed employer/employee connections and has reset the industry ecosystem. Some suffered heavy losses while for a few, the business has been profitable. 

Other than the health crises, there has been a significant rise in the challenges for the operations of many businesses. Owners are facing problems such as reduction in consumer demand, significant regulatory restorations, supply chain interruptions, economic recession, and increased uncertainty. And like the health and humanitarian sides of the crisis, the business side requires ways to recover.

Every business requires to set targets for accomplishment. It starts with setting an overall path, determining where you want your company to go, and documenting it in an easy-to-understand technique summary. Once created, this document should be reviewed by your team throughout the year to be sure you’re on the road to achieving milestones and objectives.

Business Strategies in COVID

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Strengthen business stability

To strengthen business stability and continuity during these testing times, organization across should be implementing the following steps:

  • Critical Analytical Team: An organization should have a team that is assessing and managing all critical business processes – it should report to the management directly so that there are no communication gaps anywhere. This team assesses the criticality of different business activities and organizes them into tiers for response/recovery.
  • Embracing the digital lifestyle: Our society is rapidly being more dependent on digital platforms in an incredibly short period. Tools are bringing people together in innovative ways and are giving people the chance to reconnect in difficult times. We should completely switch to meetings, file sharing, and chatting via an Office video conferencing solution.
  • Real-time crisis management: The key to mitigate obstacles and find opportunities in these uncertain times is difficult scenario planning – best to worst case. Customers have now, more than other times, a desire to feel comfortable and have greater expectations from brands to offer them protection and care. They should know that we are considerate towards their needs.

Strengthen business stability

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