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Smart Cities: Urban Technology Projects

Supriti Tripathy

10th Aug'21
Smart Cities: Urban Technology Projects | OpenGrowth

Over the last few years and the advent of the uncertain pandemic combined, the digital transformation has tweaked the definition of smart cities. For some, it may be getting tech-rich, ensuring connectivity, better infrastructure, and modern solutions. However, others may not wholly associate smartness with only this much. Wholesomeness, i.e., a total ecosystem transformation that benefits all living beings, implies a smart city. We still cannot deny the impact of evolving technology on its way to creating history through what it has to offer. While we ponder upon the possibilities of the future, let’s understand the necessity of building smart cities?


Smart City


What is the Necessity of Smart Cities?

Several issues get dragged along with urbanization. These issues require intelligent solutions and an alteration from traditional procedures. Listed are some of these issues:

  • Overpopulation
  • Shortage of Resources
  • Unsupportive Infrastructure
  • Expensive Accommodation
  • Traffic Imbalance
  • Increasing crime rates
  • Drainage Issues

These problems drive cities for a modern outlook that flourishes more than just ensuring connectivity. It may even promote the sustainable living lifestyle more. Overall, the deployment of resources serves the citizens and improves their standard of living in the real meaning of a smart city. The IoT (Internet of Things) technology has already started restructuring the cities to bring in more sophistication and economic growth. We shall look upon the brilliant urban projects that fuel cities, provide scope for expansion, and ensure tech solutions to real-time problems.


Urban Technology


Urban Technology Projects

The intention behind developing cities is simply not transforming traditional to modern; it’s the sustainability that can serve generations after us. Innovative solutions are the key, and cities have tirelessly resorted to adopting different projects that address urban problems and give hope for a better future. Here are some of the examples of excellent urban projects that make a smart city:


1. Thoughtful Usage of Infrastructure

We can address the affordable housing problem by using available unused properties. For example, Airbnb lists many houses for rent to tourists; these properties are primarily vacant and owned by people who stay abroad for work or personal reasons. At certain places, you can use public and private spacing properties to ensure the idea of reducing, reuse, and recycling.   


2. Addressing Connectivity Issues

With a simple mobile app, you can book a cab, get the information of roads and lanes, meet your team at the comforts of your home, play digitally with a bunch of people worldwide, and much more. To add to this, here is a list of other technological breakthroughs that can empower cities:




5G technology

It defines the speed of data transfer. With new applications and a host of scattered data over the cloud, 5G tech has the key to streamline the accessibility and speed up the connectivity throughout.


AI-enabled Automobiles

These include smart cars that can help drivers find parking lots and charging docks for electric vehicles, while others can transform a bicycle into an e-bike. Famous as the Copenhagen wheels, this device provides a host of services like smartphone access, speed variance through sensors and controlled by an app, and so much more.


Sensor Enabled Traffic Lights

These lights work through sensors that read out the light cadence of automobiles and their timing and provide a real-time solution to road congestion.


Smart Garbage Cans

The IoT-powered smart bins can alert waste management systems for pick-up before its full to ensure proper sanitation.


3. Plant Your Change

With green banks, a creative option comes to make a greener environment while you capitalize on your savings. Several banks like Aspiration plan your investments, deliver financial advice while planting trees, and keep a check on carbon emissions. So many benefits with just one plan!


4. Intelligent Farming

Urban Farming has come up with many techniques like growing fresh produce in a small space, Freight Farming, a farm in a box, sustainable farming that involves crop rotation, natural pest predators, and polyculture.


5. Faster Tech-embedded Public Transport System

Thanks to the metros, public buses, GPS-enabled taxis, and motors, we can easily commute to cities and share the trips with other commuters. It decreases the travel cost and ensures pollution check by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


6. Sustainable Urban Tourism

Many unexplored parts of the cities can fuel the country’s economic growth when visited by tourists. The governments and travel authorities are constantly bringing in policies to expand projects that can drive the tourism industry. These projects include rebuilding the city’s infrastructures, modernizing the look of the towns, adding amenities, educational, informative, and entertainment centers, and other physical aspects that beautifully present the city’s culture to tourists.


The Future of Hopes

We failed to deliver in times of uncertainty despite the trending smart city culture, just like the recent pandemic. While it may be the irony of developments, the honest takeback is that we managed to pull through. As we put on the fight for better equipment, infrastructure, and additional space to control the after-effects of this danger, we understood that we are still underway. The future brings us a possibility of learning through our errors and hope to address every crisis smartly with diligence.

A city with technology alone isn’t smart; how it deploys its resources tactfully imparting happiness to everyone makes it bright. For this, these projects may include socially inclusive architects as well.


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A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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