Stacy Brown-Philpot: A Story Of Beating All Odds

Stacy Brown-Philpot: A Story Of Beating All Odds | OpenGrowth

About Stacy Brown-Philpot

Stacy Brown-Philpot is the CEO of TaskRabbit and a member of the Board of Directors of HP Inc and Nordstrom. She is one of the few prominent black women in Silicon Valley.

Stacy Brown-Philpot grew up in Detroit, running a paper route with her brother and working in her Uncle Hank’s pharmacy. She received a B.S. from the Wharton School of Business and an M.B.A. from Stanford University. Before joining TaskRabbit in 2012, she headed online sales and operation and various other roles at Google for nearly a decade. And since her joining, TaskRabbit has expanded to 45 markets in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Canada, with a network of 140,000 Taskers.


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Achievements and Challenges of Stacy Brown-Philpot in her career

In 2015,  Stacy Brown-Philpot was selected for Fortune's 40 most significant young people in the business. According to The Financial Times, she is a "rare example of a black, female chief executive in the tech industry."

In an interview with the New York Times, she recently explained that she made plans to step down from TaskRabbit before global protests erupted in reaction to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. However, she suggests that they have impacted her deeply.

Further, she added, “Racial bias and injustice is something that I’ve lived with my whole life.” “I grew up in Detroit and experienced racism all my life. “Every time somebody asks me how I’m doing, I process either consciously or subconsciously some form of racism that I’ve experienced and it creates a deep thought that why mindset matters for success? It’s torn apart families and communities. I’m just deeply frustrated by it all.”


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Her role as TaskRabbit CEO made her one of the most influential and dynamic Black executives in Silicon Valley and the entire technology industry. She has also appeared on rosters of Black Enterprise’s 300 Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America and Top Tech Influencers.


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