Startup News: 10th January 2022 - 16th January 2022

Startup News: 10th January 2022 - 16th January 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


10th January 2022


Startup News


1. AskNicely answers how companies can best connect with frontline workers

AskNicely is the latest company attracting capital for its app targeting shift or frontline worker success as more businesses rightly begin to see how valuable these employees are to their bottom line. Read More.

2. Parrot, a tool for digitizing Mexico’s restaurants, takes in $9.5M

The global pandemic threw a wrench in the plans of restaurants all over the world two years ago when diners stayed home, causing many eateries to shift their business to pick up or delivery. Read More


11th January 2022


Startup News


1. Flying taxi startup ePlane looks to initiate certification with $5 million fundraise

The company has tested a scaled-down prototype and expects to have its first cargo plane ready as early as February 2023. A passenger version is expected by December 2024. Read More

2. Healthcare tech platform Doctolib acquires encryption startup Tanker

French startup Doctolib is expected to close the acquisition of Tanker today (based on regulatory filings). Doctolib is a French unicorn that develops a software-as-a-service product to help doctors and medical workers with admin tasks. Read More

3. Australia’s Fertilis raised $2M to automate IVF embryo culturing

Adelaide-based startup Fertilis is the latest to join a wave of companies worldwide that are trying to make in vitro fertilization (IVF) less stressful and more successful for patients and clinicians. Read More


12th January 2022


Startup News


1. Masters, an app for training with celeb athletes, closes a $2.7M seed funding round

Now a new startup — in beta since 2021 — hopes to become that platform where elite athletes can train mere mortals such as myself. Read More

2. Jitterbit acquires low-code service PrimeApps

API transformation company Jitterbit today announced that it has acquired PrimeApps, a Turkey-based low-code application development service. Read More. 


13th January 2022 


Startup News


1. Snapdeal To Launch Co-Branded Credit Cards With Bank Of Baroda

The joint effort is aimed at popularising the adoption and usage of credit cards among online buyers from India’s smaller cities and towns. Read More.

2. Flipkart Acquires Smartphone Repair And Refurbishing Startup Yaantra 

The acquisition will augment Flipkart’s existing refurbishment business in the smartphone category. Yaantra will bring in several capability add-ons for Flipkart through its proven expertise in product assessment and refurbishment. Read More


14th January 2022


Startup News


1. Bollinger announces pivot away from its B1 and B2 consumer EVs to focus on commercial vehicles

EV startup Bollinger Motors just announced it is pausing the development of its two flagship EVs – the B1 sport utility truck and B2 pickup, to focus instead on the commercial market. Read More

2. Crypto exchange FTX is launching a $2 billion venture capital fund

Crypto exchange FTX is launching a $2 billion venture fund that will focus on advancing global blockchain and Web3 adoption. Read More

3. Thrasio Enters India Market With INR 3,750 Cr Plan And Lifelong Acquisition

US-based rollup e-commerce pioneer Thrasio has entered India with INR 3,750 Cr ($500 Mn) commitment to acquire promising Indian digital-first brands. D2C consumer durables brand Lifelong is the first startup to be acquired by Thrasio.  Read More


15th January 2022


Startup News


1. Husband-and-wife ed-tech startup Boom Learning takes off during pandemic

Husband-and-wife team Eric and Mary Oemig started Boom Learning in 2015, but the desire to do something around education and ed-tech started much earlier. Read More

2. Electric Australian brand Savic Motorcycles has a bright future ahead

With the exciting new e-mobility products we have coming to the Australian market in the near future, we felt there were not sufficient market distinctions between the Omega and a new series of LAMS Approved e-motorcycles we currently have in development. Read More


16th January 2022 


Startup News


1. Michigan Startup’s Gemini Battery Powers Tesla For 752 Miles On A Single Charge

Range anxiety for electric vehicle owners? Not if a Novi, Michigan, startup can help it. A technology company called Our Next Energy (ONE) says it’s demonstrated a prototype battery in an electric vehicle that traveled 752 miles without recharging. Read More

2. Israeli Femtech Firm Hopes to Revolutionize Market With New Smart Tampon 

This tampon, called Tulipon, enables the user to monitor her bleeding and know whether she is suffering from over bleeding. In the future, it may be instrumental in diagnosing diseases, by examining the menstrual effluents it gathers. Read More. 

3. Fanhouse, cofounded by a Wharton grad, is helping social media personalities make money

After graduating from The Wharton School in 2020, Rosie Nguyen co-founded Fanhouse, an online platform for creators and online influencers to put content behind a paywall. Read More. 


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