Startup News: 10th May 2021 - 16th May 2021

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10th May, 2021


Startup news


1. Blind raises $37M to double down on workplace gossip and career advice

Blind has initiated with unique niche in the social-networking world, and it has raised $37 million Series C funding. It’s an app of verified, pseudonymous employees talking to each other about what’s going on with their careers and future growth. Read more

2. Signaling that privacy is coming to DeFi, Sienna Network raises $11.2M

New signal that this privacy movement in DeFi is taking off with the announcement from privacy decentralized finance company Sienna Network that it has raised $11.2 million from institutional investors, click to read more

3. Snack, a ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app, opens to Gen Z investors

Snack, a video-first mobile dating app designed in a style similar Tik-Tok app, where users post videos to a feed which others then like in order to be matched. Read more


11th May, 2021


Startup news


1. Lisbon’s Kitch raises $4M to help restaurants take control of the delivery app mess

Lisbon-based food delivery startup Kitch, launched in March 2020, developed its own proprietary technology to support independent restaurants. Kitch handles all issues of payments, deliveries and customer support, and interfaces with delivery apps. Read more

2. Cycode raises $20M to secure DevOps pipelines

Israeli security startup Cycode, it has raised a $20 million Series A funding. Startup which specializes in helping enterprises secure their DevOps pipelines and prevent code tampering. Read more

3. DataRobot expands platform and declares Zepl acquisition

Boston-based automated machine learning startup DataRobot, company acquired Zepl, with an aim to expand its platform to give technical and nontechnical users alike something new. Read more

4. The Last Gameboard raises $4M to ship its digital tabletop gaming platform

The digital tabletop platform The Last Gameboard has progressed from crowdfunding to $4 million seed round.The idea is to provide a digital alternative to physical games, click to read more


12th May, 2021


Startup news


1. Holidu books $45M after growing its vacation rentals business ~50% YoY during COVID-19

Munich-headquartered startup Vacation rental startup Holidu has engaged $45 million in Series D funding, People who may have booked city breaks or hotels pre-COVID-19 are turning to private holiday accommodation in vast numbers. Read more

2. Amplitude acquires Iteratively

Amplitude, the well-funded product intelligence startup that helps businesses use their data to predict result driven features business for them, and has acquired Iteratively, a startup that helps businesses build trustworthy data pipelines. Read more

3. Unmind raises $47M for a platform to provide mental health support in your workplace

London startup Unmind has built a mental health platform for the workplace — has raised $47 million, a Series B. The core of Unmind’s service is built around a set of questions to help employees explore their own states of mental health, read more


13th May, 2021


Startup news


1. Walmart acquires virtual clothing try-on startup Zeekit

Tel Aviv-based startup Zeekit, acquired by retail giant Walmart, which allows consumers to virtually “try on” clothing when shopping online. Walmart says customers will be able to use the Zeekit technology to virtually try on items, read more

2. SpecTrust raises millions to fight cybercrime with its no-code platform

Risk defense startup SpecTrust is emerging from stealth today with a $4.3 million seed raise and a public launch. Company aims to “fix the economics of fighting fraud” with a no-code platform, read more


14th May. 2021


Startup news


1. Chef Robotics raises $7.7M to help automate kitchens

San Francisco-based Chef Robotics it has raised a combined $7.7 million pre-seed and seed round, with the agenda of helping automate certain aspects of food preparation. Read more

2. Substack acquires team from community consulting startup People & Company

New media poster child Substack added a small community-building consultancy team to its ranks, acquiring the Brooklyn-based startup People & Company. Read more


15th May, 2021


Startup news


1. Bean Box, the Seattle startup that delivers premium coffee raised $2.4 million in new funding

Seattle startup Bean Box get investment of $2.4M pandemic fuels demand for specialty coffee at home, read more


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