Startup News: 12th September 2022 - 18th September 2022


19th Sep'22
Startup News: 12th September 2022 - 18th September 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


12th September 2022



1. Snowman launches its latest game Lucky Luna exclusively

The Toronto-based studio’s new vertical scrolling platformer Lucky Luna is now available on iOS and Android via Netflix Games. Read More

2. Magna enters the micromobility and battery swapping market

Magna International, a Canadian mobility technology company that builds sensor-based systems for cars like driver monitoring systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), is entering the micromobility market. Read More


13th September 2022



1. Ex-Googler’s TeraWatt raises $1B to expand commercial EV charging

TeraWatt Infrastructure, a company that builds electric vehicle charging infrastructure for fleets, has secured over $1 billion in a Series A round to build out its portfolio of commercial charging centers. Read More

2. Linux Foundation announces the OpenWallet Foundation to develop interoperable digital wallets

The Linux Foundation has announced plans for a new collaborative initiative designed to support interoperability across digital wallets, built on an open source bedrock. Read More


14th September 2022



1. Ford gives dealers an ultimatum on EV sales

The new standards, first hinted at during the company’s second quarter earnings call, are part of a strategy Ford shared Tuesday at its national dealer meeting in Las Vegas. Read More

2. GoPro’s Hero11 gets improved image quality, stabilization and a Mini version

The latest version of the $500 action cam ($400 for GoPro Subscribers) also focuses on the important things: image quality, battery and stability. Read More


15th September 2022



1. Kav spools up a 3D printing factory for bike helmets in Silicon Valley

For just over $300, the 3D printing noggin-defenders at Kav will send you a fit kit to take some measurements, print your helmet and two-three weeks later the delivery van turns up at your door. Read More

2. Winn.AI launches out of stealth with an AI assistant for sales calls

Winn.AI today launched out of stealth with $17 million in seed funding led by Insight Partners and S-Capital. Read More


16th September 2022



1. Apollo Pro wants to be ‘the Cybertruck of scooters’

The $3,600 Pro will stand at the peak of the company’s current lineup of scooters, ranging from the $700 Apollo Mini through the $3,000 Apollo Phantom. Read More

2. Anki’s spiritual successor hits Kickstarter with some impressive moves

Anki’s last big contribution to the consumer robotics space was effectively incorporating animated characteristics into a real-world robot. Read More


17th September 2022



1. Grocery delivery startups with low margins might drop IPO dreams for M&A reality

Misfits Market founder and CEO Abhi Ramesh noted it was difficult to reach profitability in the industry as sales leveled off in the past two years. Read More

2.  Parler forms a new parent company to offer ‘uncancelable’ cloud services

The social app Parler will now operate under a new parent company known as Parlement Technologies, which also announced a fresh round of $16 million for the pivot toward infrastructure. Read More


18th September 2022



1. Adobe buys Figma, Uber gets hacked, and Google shrinks Area 120

In one of the biggest tech acquisitions of all time, Adobe announced this week its intent to buy the collaborative/web-based design tool Figma for a whopping $20 billion. Read More


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We, at OpenGrowth, are constantly looking for the latest news in the startup ecosystem. If you want to share any important news from last week, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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