Startup News: 19th September 2022 - 25th September 2022


26th Sep'22
Startup News: 19th September 2022 - 25th September 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


19th September 2022



1. InnerPlant grows with new John Deere-backed millions for sustainable farming

The new investment gives InnerPlant $22 million in total funding to date as it prepares to launch its first soybean product, in 2024. Read More

2. Bainbridge Growth wants e-commerce brands to stop sales guessing game

Bainbridge is still in the early stages, the company has 18 customers and is “well on way to $1 million in annual recurring revenue, which would be 10x year over year.” Read More


20th September 2022



1. Zartico secures $20M to help tourism offices promote local destinations

To attempt to inject some data and digitization into tourism operations, Dunn and Kinghorn co-founded Zartico, a platform that provides analytics and visualizations. Read More

2. Retail tech startup Swiftly valued at $1B after bagging another $100M

Swiftly Systems entered unicorn territory after announcing today that it grabbed another round of $100 million, this time in a Series C. Read More


21st September 2022



1. Block Party, a tool to combat online harassment, raises a $4.8M seed

Block Party launched in early 2021, but now, the company hopes to expand to other social platforms with the help of $4.8 million in seed funding. Read More

2. SpinLaunch wraps up new round to fling payloads to space

SpinLaunch’s technique for sending payload to orbit, which uses centrifugal force to fling mass to space, has solicited its fair share of skeptics. Read More


22nd September 2022



1. Kalogon’s smart cushion for wheelchairs keeps the pressure off and brings in $3.3M

Kalogon believes it can mitigate this common but potentially life-threatening condition with a smart cushion that prevents any one part of the body from being compressed for too long. Read More

2. Alibaba Cloud pledges $1B to boost overseas alliance

The Chinese cloud giant is ready to double down on its overseas reach and announced today a $1 billion investment in a “global partner ecosystem upgrade.” Read More


23rd September 2022



1. GM invests in Canadian battery recycler to fight supply shortage

General Motors is partnering with a Canadian battery recycler to produce new batteries from recovered battery materials, as it aims to scale EV production. Read More

2. Volkswagen and Belgian utility giant partner on vehicle-to-grid energy storage

Volkswagen is partnering with a Belgian network operator to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid, as more EVs take to the road amid rising energy costs. Read More


24th September 2022



1. How a pivot helped HopSkipDrive emerge successful in a sector where many failed

Newton, Massachusetts-based Sheprd looked to solve the problem by carting kiddos around in tricked-out Land Rovers equipped with snacks and iPads. Read More

2.  Byju’s clears $230 million payment to Blackstone for $1 billion Aakash deal

The Bengaluru-headquartered startup, valued at $22 billion, had pushed back on some payments for the approximately $1 billion acquisition of the physical education chain. Read More


25th September 2022



1. GTA 6 footage leaks, Revolut gets hacked, and Wipro fires 300 for “moonlighting”

India’s IT giant Wipro “has fired 300 employees in recent months who were found to be moonlighting for competitors,” writes Manish, with Wipro chairman Rishad Premji calling moonlighting an “act of integrity violation.” Read More


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