Startup News: 1st Nov 2021 - 7th Nov 2021

Startup News: 1st Nov 2021 - 7th Nov 2021 | OpenGrowth

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1st November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Decoding GoMechanic’s current shareholding, valuation and ESOP plan

GoMechanic had raised $42 million in a new round led by Tiger in June and the New York-based investor has just picked up 34 employee stock options (ESOPs) from the employees along with other backers, read more.

2. Stanford engineers team up with Michelin-star chef to build modular restaurants

Mezli’s prototype robot restaurant is making a minority of the bowls served to customers and is supplemented by a human-powered kitchen. Read more


2nd November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Irish startup introduces FoodMarble, the world's first personal digestive tracker

The FoodMarble AIRE can help anyone suffering with digestive issues minimize symptoms with its patented, industry-leading technology that takes the guesswork out of eating by allowing people to track the foods they digest in real-time. Read more

2. Coinbase acquires Bengaluru-based deep tech startup Agara

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange giant from the US, has acquired Agara, an AI-powered support platform with operations in India and the US, read more.

3. Music wearable Mictic raises $2.5M to get you shredding, scratching and strumming

The Mictic device is a pair of wristbands that includes sensors to measure your movements. It connects to your smartphone, and the app unlocks music-making creativity for beginners with zero music skills at all. Read more


3rd November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. ZipCharge Go is a portable powerbank for your electric vehicle

The ZipCharge Go is essentially a portable battery pack like the kind you’d use for a smartphone, except it’s meant for an electric vehicle. Read more

2. Faze raises $17.4 mn from investors led by Tiger

Faze said its goal is to help create a direct connection between the creator and the consumer built on three tenets—true ownership and the ability to showcase the NFTs on social media; read more.

3. Singapore-based cashback platform ShopBack acquires BNPL service Hoolah

The merger means new features will be added to ShopBack’s platform, evolving it from a loyalty app for e-commerce purchases to enabling transactions with BNPL options. 


4th November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Israeli clean energy tech startup High Hopes Labs develops balloons to capture carbon for recycling

High Hopes Labs said it plans to send fleets of balloons into the upper atmosphere that will trap carbon dioxide for recycling. Read more

2. iRocket and Turion Space ink agreement for 10 launches to low Earth orbit

The company has begun testing its hardware, including injector testing and rocket engine testing, at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Read more


5th November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Paytm may consider Bitcoin offerings if India legalizes cryptocurrency

Paytm, India’s digital payments pioneer, would consider Bitcoin offerings if the nation’s authorities removed regulatory uncertainty of crypto currencies. Read more.

2. Goodly, focused on student loan repayment as an employee benefit, finds tailwinds

The startup, which aims to make it dead simple for companies to offer tax-free student loan repayment as an employee benefit, is profitable. Read more


6th November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Telemedicine startup MomentMD establishing Alabama headquarters

MomentMD has developed a comprehensive telemedicine platform designed to optimize personal health care, read more.

2. Blockchain startup 5ire secures $10 million in private sale

The innovation being developed by 5ireChain is based on its nPoS based consensus mechanism and its core technology, "Proof of 5ire". Read more


7th November, 2021


Startup Weekly News


1. Japanese flying car startup SkyDrive has won a key safety certificate

Tokyo-based flying car startup SkyDrive successfully flew a prototype eVTOL vehicle called SD-03 with a pilot. SD-3 is a lot smaller than eVTOL prototypes developed by U.S. companies aiming the urban air taxi market, read more.

2. E-scooter startup Lime raises $523 mln, eyes going public in 2022

Urban mobility company Lime, had raised $523 million from investors to scale up production of its latest e-scooters and e-bikes, read more.


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