Startup News: 21st March 2022 - 27th March 2022


28th Mar'22

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


21st March 2022




1. French aerospace company Gama raises $2M to develop a solar sail spacecraft

The aerospace company was founded in 2020 by Louis de Gouyon Matignon, Thibaud Elziere and Andrew Nutter, whose goal is to develop a low-cost solar sail that would use light as a means of propulsion for spacecraft. Read more

2. Mysa unveils corporate alternative accommodation booking and management tech

The Myo platform, which also offers a booking engine, aims to offer “conscious accommodation for conscious companies” by building duty of care as well as safety elements into the procurement process. Read more


22nd March 2022




1. Fintech startup Jeeves raises $180M, quadruples valuation to $2.1B in half a year

Less than seven months after closing on a $57 million Series B, fast-growing fintech Jeeves has raised $180 million in a Series C round that values the company at $2.1 billion.  Read more

2. Shopify launches new ‘Linkpop’ link in bio tool with built-in e-commerce features

Shopify has entered the “link in bio” market with the launch of a new tool called “Linkpop.” The new offering is aimed at creators and allows them to sell products directly from their Linkpop page. Read more


23rd March 2022




1. Yamaha Motor Invests In B2C Startup Malbork To Enter EV Industry For 4-Wheelers

India’s electric vehicle (EV) market is estimated to emerge as a $7.09 Bn opportunity by 2025. Malbork intends to expand its services across many cities in India to build a safe, open, and revolutionary transportation ecosystem.  Read more

2. D2C Brand Plum Raises $35 Mn Funding To Strengthen Omnichannel Presence, Global Expansion

Plum claims to earn close to INR 19 Cr a month and is targeting over INR 300 Cr run rate for the next quarter. It asserts to have raised more than $50 Mn from institutional investors till date. Read more


24th March 2022




1. Getty Images launches first model release supporting biometric data privacy in AI

Alongside the rapid increase in the number of facial-recognition video sensors being installed in public locations, the protection of a person’s biometric data is now escalating into new legal territory. Read more

2. Cisco looks to pave onramp for hybrid cloud

Cisco has added integrations to its Intersight platform to provide a consistent operating model, with governance and multicloud observability for virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters. Read more


25th March 2022




1. Okta on handling of Lapsus$ breach: ‘We made a mistake’

Okta has released an apology for its handling of the January breach of a third-party support provider, which may have impacted hundreds of its customers. Read more

2. Big New Instagram Feature Comes With A Catch

Tagging products, a feature previously available only to selected business or creator accounts, allows anyone viewing a relevant post to browse additional information on any tagged products before buying them via the app’s built-in checkout. Read more


26th March 2022




1. Microsoft Just Gave A Billion Users A Reason To Quit Windows

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, you need to take immediate action. A serious vulnerability has been discovered in both platforms which Microsoft has not only failed to patch, but made worse. Read more

2. Bird Brings Connected Automotive Tech To Ebikes Making Them Even More Desirable

Although e bikes look like simple devices, they have potential for enhancement with connected technology in a related way to passenger cars. Bird is focusing its developments on this area. Read more


27th March 2022




1. Why Apple Acquired A UK-Based ‘Open Banking’ Fintech

Every time Apple makes an acquisition, the technology world and increasingly now, the fintech sector goes into hyper speculation mode, trying to figure out why the company made the purchase and what it plans to do with the acquired firm. Read more

2. NVIDIA Ups The Ante On Edge AI With Jetson AGX Orin

At the recently held Graphics Technology Conference (GTC), the company has announced the availability of Jetson AGX Orin, a power-packed edge computing platform meant for running AI solutions. Read more


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