Startup News: 24th January 2022 - 30th January 2022

Startup News: 24th January 2022 - 30th January 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


24th January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Ola Electric raises $200 mn from Tekne Private Ventures, others at $5 bn valuation

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, the electric vehicle arm of Ola Cabs’ parent ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd, has raised $200 million, or nearly ₹1,500 crore, in a funding round from Tekne Private Ventures, Alpine Opportunity Fund, Edelweiss, and others at a valuation of $5 billion. Read More. 

2. Soona, a virtual photoshoot platform for e-commerce, raises $35 million Series B

A startup called Soona, now backed by an additional $35 million in Series B funding, has been tapping into this market with its platform that allows brands to create content for their e-commerce websites and marketing through “virtual” photo and video shoots. Read More


25th January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Walmart makes an investment in vertical farming start-up Plenty

Walmart said Tuesday that it is investing in vertical farming company Plenty and plans to carry the start-up’s leafy greens in all California stores later this year. Read More

2. Seattle startup Atlas Health raises $40M to connect health systems with philanthropic aid for patients

Atlas Health, a Seattle-based startup that helps healthcare providers connect to sources of philanthropic medical aid, has raised $40 million. Read More


26th January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. A UK Startup Is Building 200 Flying Taxi Hubs Around the World

Now Hyundai has taken an important step towards making that prediction a reality. The company just invested in a British startup called Urban-Air Port, which has plans to build 200 hubs for flying taxis in 65 different cities over the next 5 years. Read More. 

2. Ghana’s OZÉ gets $3M to scale its digital recordkeeping and embedded finance products

OZÉ, a Ghanaian fintech startup that provides digital recordkeeping tools with embedded finance products to medium and small businesses, has raised a $3 million pre-Series A round. Read More


27th January 2022 


Startup Weekly News


1. Touting a new way to drug an all-important family of proteins, a startup launches with $100M

Septerna's focus is on an expansive and diverse group of proteins called G protein-coupled receptors, or GPCRs, which provide an invaluable service to cells. Read More

2. Palm oil is one of the most destructive ingredients you use every day. These startups are trying to replace it

In a factory in Ohio running on renewable energy, a startup called Locus Fermentation Solutions is making palm-free ingredients for products like shampoo and body wash using fermentation.  Read More. 

3. The Vets, a pet healthcare platform that provides at-home care, raises $40M led by Target Global

The Vets, a tech-enabled pet healthcare platform that provides at-home care, has raised $40 million in seed funding led by Target Global, PICO Venture Partners, and Bolt Ventures. Read More


28th January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Snoop Dogg's investment fund backs THC-infused savoury snack startup

Yoni Meyer, a partner at Case Verde said the funding will be used to “supercharge TSUMo’s product roadmap as the brand continues to fill a need for differentiated infused products in a space dominated by sweet-centric offerings.” Read More

2. New Brand Heybike Reached the Sales Record 2021

Since its establishment in 2021, this startup has sold over 15,000 electric bikes in only 7 months. Read More


29th January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Seattle startup Stack wants to help teens invest in cryptocurrency

The Seattle-based startup is building a crypto platform for teenagers and others disenfranchised by the financial system. Read More

2. This Start-Up Got $42 Million to Create a Blue Collar Remote Work Model

What if the work could be done from anywhere else in the world via remote control? That's the idea behind the $42 million investment that ArcBest (NASDAQ: ARCB) and NFI Industries made into start-up Phantom Auto, which makes remote-enabled forklifts. Read More


30th January 2022 


Startup Weekly News


1. AI chip startup Ceremorphic comes out of stealth mode

Ceremorphic of San Jose, California, formally debuted chip efforts that have been kept in a stealth mode for two years, discussing a chip the company claims will revolutionize the efficiency of A.I. computing in terms of power consumption. Read More

2. Will Nvidia's Software Power Self-Driving Cars?

Start-up automobile companies that want to develop self-driving technology often struggle with a lack of real-world data.  Read More


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