Startup News: 25th April 2022 - 01st May 2022


2nd May'22
Startup News: 25th April 2022 - 01st May 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


25th April 2022



1. Skich’s new app brings social discovery to mobile game recommendations

A new startup called Skich wants to help mobile users find games to play that better match their interests. To do so, it’s created a game recommendation app that carefully toes the line in order to not bump up against Apple’s App Store. Read More

2. Zenda gets $9.4M to streamline school fee payment and management

Zenda, a UAE-based startup looking to change how parents pay school bills, and the way educational institutions manage fee collection, is eyeing Africa as its next frontier for growth. Read More


26th April 2022



1. Pyka adapts its autonomous electric plane for cargo runs with a $37M round

Pyka has done just that, clearly impressing the powers that be enough to raise a $37 million A round and get to work on a new cargo-carrying variant of the Pelican aircraft. Read More

2. Adept aims to build AI that can automate any software process

Adept’s co-founders, CEO David Luan, CTO Niki Parmar and chief scientist Ashish Vaswani, boil their ambition down to perfecting an “overlay” within computers that works using the same tools people do. Read More


27th April 2022



1. Singapore’s Neuron is taking the slow and steady approach to micromobility

Singapore’s Neuron Mobility has raised a $43.5 million Series B round, bringing its total capital investment to $77.7 million.Neuron has also touted its commitment to designing and manufacturing. Read More

2. Inventa poised to enter Mexico, Colombia with its supplier marketplace

When Inventa sees a good opportunity to grab some extra capital, it takes it. However, as you will see, it is on a trajectory of fast growth, and not unlike other startups, the new capital is to pave the way for that to continue. Read More


28th April 2022



1. Sumutasu secures $10M to digitize Japan’s real estate market

Sumutasu, a Tokyo-based proptech startup that offers a direct online real estate purchase service, has secured $8.2 million in equity and $1.6 million in debt. The company has raised a total of $16 million since its 2018 inception. Read More

2. ChowNow founder on rethinking food delivery to serve local restaurants first

ChowNow started as a way for founder and CEO, Chris Webb and his friends to easily order from smaller local restaurants but eight years later when COVID hit ChowNow became known as a restaurant-friendly alternative to some of the larger players in the space. Read More


29th April 2022



1. Vyoma is the latest player seeking to prevent satellite collisions with space junk

One of the newest entrants to the field is Vyoma, a German company spun out of TUM, founded by Christoph Bamann, Luisa Buinhas and Stefan Frey. Vyoma’s goal is to track objects in low Earth orbit (LEO) using a constellation of observation satellites. Read More 

2. Clerk bags new capital to improve in-store grocery shopping experience

Much of the grocery focus over the past three years has been around online adoption, but as long as 90% of U.S. grocery sales still happen in stores, companies like Clerk want to bring some digitization to the brick-and-mortar grocery experience. Read More 


30th April 2022



1. Affirm’s CTO talks transparency and the tech that makes BNPL possible

Our main focus is doing right by the customer. And that really translates into this idea of aligning our interests with that of the customer. So if they get the unexpected or unwanted, then we share in the negative outcomes. Read More 

2. Pitch deck pro tips from a leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist

Pitch decks are a way to tell a startup’s story, and there are ways to make investors and customers better remember your pitch. Read More 


01st May 2022



1. Spotify Stock Sell-Off: The Truth Behind the Headlines

Spotify is still relatively new in the advertising market, and it's key for the company to start growing and expanding margins. It's also critical to consider the backdrop of weak advertising spending and user-tracking transparency changes from Apple. Read More 

2. Pinterest Ends Streak of Monthly Active User Losses

Pinterest attracted tens of millions of new users at the pandemic's onset, as folks stuck at home looked to the image-based social media site for inspiration on at-home activities. Read More


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We, at OpenGrowth, are constantly looking for the latest news in the startup ecosystem. If you want to share any important news from last week, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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