Startup News: 25th Oct 2021 - 31st Oct 2021

Startup News: 25th Oct 2021 - 31st Oct 2021 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


25th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. AtomChat secures new funding to capitalize on Latin American trend of sales through messaging

AtomChat develops artificial intelligence conversational software that focuses on improving sales team performance by converting more of asynchronous messages to WhatsApp. To accelerate its product development and international expansion plans, the company secured $ 3.1. 

2. Routine is a new productivity app that combines task management and notes

Once your tasks are in Routine, you can manage them from the Routine app. In addition to the regular to-do app actions, such as rescheduling a task or marking it as complete, read more.

3. Hera is a new calendar app for people with a lot of virtual meetings

Hera helps you schedule meetings more easily with natural language processing and lets you share availabilities in an email or any messaging app. Read more


26th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. Agri-tech startup DeHaat raises $115 million in the largest agritech round in India

DeHaat has a strong commitment to continue investing in the technology. Earlier this year, it acquired Farm Guide -- a SaaS based platform to provide satellite-based insights & advisory to farmers. Read more

2. Malaysia-based Poladrone bags up funds in seed round to protect crops

The company today announced that it has raised a $ 4.29 million seed round led by Wavemaker Partners. This is based on data that it is the largest seed round ever procured in Malaysia. Read more

3. India’s Chalo acquires Amazon-backed bus aggregator Shuttl

Chalo, a startup that is digitizing bus commutes in India has acquired Amazon-backed app-based office commute bus aggregator Shuttl in an all-cash deal, read more.


27th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. Cloud migration startup BitTitan acquired by B2B software company Idera

A Seattle-area cloud services provider-BitTitan, has been acquired by Idera, an Austin-based company that manages a portfolio of B2B software brands. Read more

2. Biotech startup Shiru sprouting plant-based ingredients with new capital infusion

Protein biochemist Dr. Jasmin Hume started Shiru in 2019, and the company uses a “precision fermentation” process to create plant-based ingredients for food companies. Read more

3. YETiCO raises seed for its tap-a-device to simply divide the bill and tip

YETiCo was introduced in 2019 and offers restaurants a bill-splitting, table-paying restaurant device. The Tap to Tip device now has an exclusive distribution agreement with TiPJAR and is now available in over 300 bars and restaurants across the UK. Read more


28th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. A new start-up specialising in recycling plastic waste promises

Start-up in Cameroon offers new hope in the fight against plastic pollution. The plastic waste is sorted and recover more or less clean waste that then crush to transform it into granules. Read more

2. Yugabyte expands its fully managed enterprise cloud service with $188M

YugabyteDB delivers built-in capabilities for software upgrades, backups, and other maintenance tasks, as well as replication and geo-partitioning for improved latency and compliance. 

3. Skypod firm in UAE tied to investment company flagged abroad

uSky showed off what they described as an energy-efficient, smart solution to fly above traffic across the Emirates, a country home to skyscraper-studded Dubai that long has embraced anything futuristic. 


29th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. UK’s electric Arrival promises greener deliveries

Electric vehicle start-up, Arrival design uses different materials which it says dramatically reduces weight while saving space. Read more

2. Bill Gates’ Eco Venture Backs ‘Neutral’ Milk To Moove Industry’s Emissions Down

Neutral, an eco-conscious milk brand that aims to “fight climate change,” Neutral is helping to reduce its carbon footprint include studying the methane produced by cows, and delivery trucks’ emissions on the road. Read more

3. Freshly launched Span Drive continues Span’s mission to smarten up your home

Span is one of the companies running point on adding some smarts to the process. The company today launched the Span Drive, an EV charger that is making it possible to further empower your EV based on various rules. Read more


30th October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. Mobikwik, Oyo Rooms and Delhivery to soon join the IPO startup party

Following the success of Zomato’s listings, many of these new-age businesses are readying IPO plans. Read more

2. Facebook changes its name to Meta 

Facebook’s name change is the most definitive signal so far of the company’s intention to stake its future on a new computing platform -- the metaverse, an idea born in the imaginations of sci-fi novelists. Read more 


31st October, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. Rolls-Royce and Qatar set to launch multibillion fund for UK green engineering startups

Qatar plans to launch a fund to invest billions in new green engineering projects in the U.K. in partnership with Rolls-Royce, read more. 

2. Mobility startup IntrCity sees spike in demand as bus travel peaks to an all-time high

The platform is doing five lakh bookings a month with an annualised rate of $80 million in consumer spending, as travel picks up across India, according to a release. Read more


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