Startup News: 31st January 2022 - 06th February 2022

Startup News: 31st January 2022 - 06th February 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


31st January 2022


Weekly startup News


1. AllSpice thinks hardware developers lack their own ‘GitHub,’ so it is building one

Founders Valentina Ratner (formerly Toll Villagra) and Kyle Dumont met at Harvard while both were getting a joint engineering master's and MBA in 2019. They bonded over frustrations at their respective jobs in what seemed like a hardware industry left behind to rely on PDFs and email to get things done versus software development. Read More

2. Berlin’s Tilo raises seed round to tackle unstructured data sets with a serverless platform

Now a new Berlin startup, which has tested its theories after being spun out from a larger corporate, is poised to tackle this thorny problem. Read More


01st February 2022


Weekly startup News


1. Firewalla launches its Purple gigabit home firewall

Over the course of the last few years, Firewalla‘s combined firewall and router devices have made a name for themselves as the go-to hardware security tools for many enthusiasts and small businesses.  Read More. 

2. European micro-mobility startup Dott grabs $70 million

Urban mobility startup Dott has raised an extension to its Series B round. Originally announced in the spring of 2021, the company raised an $85 million Series B round — it was a mix of equity and asset-backed debt financing. Read More


02nd February 2022


Weekly startup News


1. Abundant’s new owner looks to revive the apple-picking robot through equity crowdfunding

In October, the investment firm involved in robotics startups like Miso and Future Acres purchased Abundant’s IP.  Read More

2. Canva acquires Flourish in mission to tell better stories with data

Canva said it closed on its acquisition of Flourish, a London-based data visualization startup. The acquisition comes as the visual communications company reached over 75 million monthly active users, up over 30 million in the past 12 months. Read More. 


03rd February 2022 


Weekly startup News


1. Trust Machines raises $150M to expand bitcoin as a web3 platform

Blockchain startup Trust Machines launched out of stealth mode with $150 million in funding to expand bitcoin as a web3 platform. Read More

2. Former NASA Head Creates Startup to Build Robot Outpost Near Moon

Steve Jurczyk, the former administrator of NASA, has co-founded a commercial space infrastructure company called Quantum Space. The company’s aim is to build a system of robot outposts in cislunar space or the region between the Earth and the Moon. Read More


04th February 2022


Weekly startup News


1. A primer on vertical farming, which is growing like a weed

Two weeks ago, Upward Farms, a Brooklyn-based startup, announced plans to build a new 250,000-square-foot farm in eastern Pennsylvania. When the facility opens in 2023, Upward says it will be the largest indoor farm in the world. Read More. 

2. This Hydrogen-Powered ‘Flying Boat’ Soars 3 Feet Above Water and Has Room for 13 People

The Jet ZeroEmission is launching what it claims will be the world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat next year in Dubai. The startup has partnered with Zenith Marine and DWYN to build the new zero-emissions vessel, which has been fittingly christened the Jet. Read More


05th February 2022


Weekly startup News


1. This astrology startup does a business of INR 41 lacs every day

Astrotalk has served over 2 crore customers in the last 4 years and does business of INR 41 lacs daily. It is estimated to grow by 20% month to month. Read More

2. Electric scooter battle heats up as Ather plans new variants to take on rival Ola

The company has also revived plans to make a budget electric scooter that is expected to be priced below Rs 1 lakh, per sources in the know. Read More. 


06th February 2022 


Weekly startup News  


1. Big names back EasyRent as it pushes across the Tasman

EasyRent owner Toby Thomas-Smith’s short-term subletting startup closed a $230,000 seed round just before Christmas, with a $3 million raise next on the agenda. Read More

2. The luxury Clydebank campervan start-up launched during lockdown

A Scottish start-up launched during lockdown has launched a fleet of luxury campervans – with WiFi, foam mattress beds, and a mini kitchen with a gas cooker to make living out on the road that wee bit easier. Read More

3. Surcar Airlines to launch seaplane service in the Canary Islands

Using the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife as a base, Surcar’s seaplanes will provide an alternative way to travel to the neighboring islands faster than ferries and more convenient and direct than conventional airlines. Read More. 


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