Startup News: 5th July 2021 - 11th July 2021

Startup News: 5th July 2021 - 11th July 2021 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning Monday!! As we enter a new week, let’s get a round of latest trending startups news insights.


5th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. Tinybird turns raw data into realtime API at scale

Tinybird, a new startup that helps developers build data products at any scale, you can leverage Tinybird to build a web application firewall that scans your traffic and reacts in realtime. Reads more

2. E-commerce logistics startup Locad gets $4.9M seed

Locad, a startup that wants to help with what it describes as an “end-to-end solution” for cross-border e-commerce companies, it has raised a $4.9 million seed round. Read more


6th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. ManoMano raises $355 million for its home improvement e-commerce platform

French startup ManoMano has raised a Series F funding round of $355 million. The company operates an e-commerce platform focused on DIY, home improvement and gardening products, read more

2. Wagmo raises $12.5M to offer pet insurance (and a lot more)

Wagmo, the pet insurance and perks startup has closed on a $12.5 million Series A financing.


7th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. Meet, insurtech that raised $7.2M from VCs and unicorn execs, an insurtech startup based in Mexico City, has raised $7.2 million in a Series A round led by ALLVP. Co-founded in 2019 by a trio of former insurance industry executives, read more

2. Localyze raises $12M for a SaaS that supports cross-border hiring and relocation

Localyze has nabbed $12 million in Series A funding led by Blossom Capital for a SaaS that supports staff relocations and hiring across borders. Read more

3. Outbrain raises $200 million ahead of its IPO

An adtech company Outbrain, has raised $200 million in funding. The advertising market has recovered from the global health pandemic and there has been plenty of initial public offerings, read more

4. Cloverly snags $2.1M seed to continue developing API to measure and offset carbon usage

Atlanta-based Cloverly, early-stage startup has raised $2.1 million seed round. It developed an API that helps companies measure and then offset their carbon emissions, read more

5. Opaque raises $9.5M for encrypted data analytics

Opaque, a startup that helps organizations analyze encrypted data in the cloud, has closed a $9.5 million seed funding. Read more


8th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. European challenger bank Bunq raises $228 million at $1.9 billion valuation

Amsterdam-based challenger bank Bunq has been self-funded by its founder. Startup raised $228 million (€193 million) in a round led by Pollen Street Capital. Read more

2. Younited Credit raises $170 million for its data-driven credit offering

French startup Younited Credit has raised a $170 million funding round. Startup aims to automate request processes as much as possible. Read more


9th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. Indonesian EdTech Startup Gredu Raises $4M in Series A Round Led by Intudo Ventures

Gredu, an Indonesian EdTech startup that works to keep teachers, parents, and students more engaged, has raised $4 million in its Series A. Read more

2. Miami twins raise $18M for Lula, an insurance infrastructure upstart

Lula, a Miami-based insurance infrastructure startup, announced today it has raised $18 million in a Series A round of funding. Read More

3. PowerZ raises $8.3 million for its video game focused on education

French startup PowerZ has raised another $8.3 million, the company is both an edtech startup and a video game studio. Aims to build a game that is as engaging but with a focus on education, read more


10th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. ‘Tattoo for a year’ startup inks a $20M funding round

Ephemeral Tattoo, which developed an ink that fades away in about a year, has raised $20 million in a funding round in couple of months after opening its first studio in Williamsburg. Read more

2. Cloud security startup Netskope raises $300M at $7.5B valuation

A startup that helps about a third of the companies on the Fortune 100 list secure their network traffic, Netskope Inc.has received a $300 million late-stage funding round valuing it at $7.5 billion. Read more

3. Cancer-treatment startup founded by Duke professors raises $70 million

Biotech startup Xilis, founded by Duke University professors, has raised $70 million to lift the development of its experimental cancer treatment technology. Read more


11th July, 2021


Weekly Startup News


1. Didomi Raises $40 Million In Series B Round

Paris-based firm Didomi, has raised $40 million in Series B funding, bringing its total financing to $46 million. It help brands making customer journeys more transparent and trustworthy via consent and preferences management experience, read more


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