Startup News: 6th Sept 2021 - 12th Sept 2021

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6th September, 2021


Weekly Startup news


1. Singapore-based caregiving startup Homage raised huge funds to date by on-demand care platforms in zone

The Singapore-based company’s services include home visits from caregivers, nurses, therapists and doctors; telemedicine; and services for chronic illnesses. Read more

2. Quantum Machines plans to expand quantum orchestration platform with $50M investment

Quantum Machines, an Israeli startup building a classic hardware and software infrastructure to help run quantum machines announced a $ 50 million Series B investment. The funding from this round will help verify what the company is doing, allow it to continue building solutions, read more.


7th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. Women Healthtech firm Elvie has topped up its Series C funding round

The women’s health tech Elvie, a product designed for women have gained a lot of attention in short period as female-led startups have blazed a trail and prove that there is a sizeable market available for femtech. Read more

2. Emulate Inc. closes $82M Series E to fund expansion of ‘organ-on-a-chip’ products

Emulate Inc., a biotech business concentrated on creating “organ-on-a-chip” technologies, closed an $82 million Series E round. This huge investment in a “roadmap” for developing model organ systems created to fit drug makers’ needs and bring the idea of an organ-on-a-chip into use in the lab. Read more

3. Virtual meeting platform Vowel raises funds, aims to cure meeting fatigue

Vowel is launching a meeting operating system with tools like real-time transcription; integrated agendas, notes and action items; meeting analytics; and searchable, on-demand recordings of meetings. Read more


8th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. Aerospace primes Northrop, Lockheed join in Orbit Fab’s over $10M funding round

San Francisco-based startup Orbit Fab wants to be the go-to source for orbital refueling, and now it has raised over $10 million in its quest to get there. Read more

2. UK’s Marshmallow raises $85M on a $1.25B valuation for its more inclusive, big-data take on car insurance

Marshmallow — a U.K.-based car insurance provider that has made a name for itself in the market by providing a new approach to car insurance.

3. PayPal acquires Japan’s Paidy to crack the buy now, pay later market in Asia

The U.S. fintech company PayPal Holdings, announced an acquisition of Paidy, a Japanese buy now, pay later (BNPL) service platform. After the acquisition, the Japan-based company will continue to operate its existing business and maintain the brand while the leaders, read more.


9th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. Tape It launches an AI-powered music recording app for iPhone

Startup called Tape stepping in to fill the void with an app that improves audio recordings by offering a variety of features. The founders, who had played in a band together for many years, were inspired to build Tape It because it was something they wanted for themselves, read more.

2. Uk based startup, a Cycle-tracking app Flo raises $50M

The London-based company Period-tracking startup Flo recently raised $50 million in funding. It also has features for tracking a pregnancy, and makes predictions related to users’ cycles. Read more


10th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. Microsoft acquires learning marketplace start-up TakeLessons

Microsoft has acquired TakeLessons, a start-up with a website where people book paid online and in-person classes on a variety of subjects, read more.

2. MaxRewards banks $3M to reveal best payment methods that reap the most rewards

MaxRewards, a digital wallet app that manages credit cards and automatically activates benefits like rewards, cashback offers and monthly credits. It also makes recommendations at the point of purchase, read more.

3. Startup insurance provider Vouch raises $90M, now valued at $550M

San Francisco-based Vouch has now raised a total of $160 million since its 2018 inception. Vouch, a provider of business insurance to startups and high-growth companies, announced today it has raised $90 million in new funding. Read more


11th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. Medtech startup aims to empower healthcare institutions with digital microscopy solutions

The Bengaluru-based medtech startup is empowering pathology labs, cancer hospitals, and research institutes with its AI-enabled robotic plug-and-play whole slide scanners that provide superior image quality, quick scanning, and image analysis tools. Read more

2. Lalo is latest ‘death tech’ innovator, with an app to share and collect stories and more

The idea brushes up against the wave of innovation falling into the “death tech” category, where startups are reimagining everything around traditional end-of-life and funeral industry practices, read more.


12th September, 2021


Weekly startup news


1. One-click checkout platform, OurPass raises $1 million pre-seed round

Nigerian-based startup, OurPass, has raised a $1 million pre-seed round to scale their one-click checkout platform across the country. It provides a mobile application that enables consumers to shop with one click. Read more

2. Quizlet plans for IPO over a year after hitting unicorn status

Quizlet has built a large-scale business around simple to share and simple to use products. Its free flashcard maker helps students spin up study guides on topics to prepare for exams. Read more


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