Startup News: 8th August 2022 - 14th August 2022


16th Aug'22
Startup News: 8th August 2022 - 14th August 2022 | OpenGrowth

Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


8th August 2022



1. UpGrad pockets $210 mn in fresh funding

With the latest fundraise, upGrad looks to increase its team strength to 7,600 from the present 4,800. It also aims to onboard around 170 full-time faculty, 1,600 teachers and over 5,000 on-contract coaches and mentors. Read More

2. Wealth management startup Dezerv raises $21 million at $100 million valuation

Wealth tech platform, Dezerv Investments Pvt. Ltd., has raised $21 million in a Series A funding round led by technology venture capital investor Accel Partners, taking its valuation to $100 million. Read More


9th August 2022



1. Tech Firm marks down investment in Paytm

SoftBank Group Corp. on Monday said it has marked down its investment in Paytm by $400 million for the quarter ended June, adding to its overall loss of $23.1 billion for the period. Read More

2. Spin Technology zeroes-in on SaaS app security

The announcement comes as ransomware has remained a constant threat to enterprises, with SonicWall’s 2022 Cyber Threat Report finding that there were 236.1 million ransomware attacks between January to July 2022. Read More


10th August 2022



1. Walmart is reportedly looking at deals with streaming services

Given the rivalry with Amazon and its Prime membership program, Walmart exploring a streaming deal could give it an opportunity to attempt its own service that is similar to Amazon Prime. Read More

2. AI and computer vision powers growing shop-and-go platform

AiFi deploys sophisticated AI models through a large number of cameras placed across the ceiling, Gu said, in order to understand everything happening in the shop. Read More


11th August 2022



1. Meet Xiaomi’s new humanoid robot, CyberOne

Equipped with a self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module and combined with an AI interaction algorithm, CyberOne is capable of perceiving 3D space, as well as recognizing individuals, gestures, and expressions. Read More

2. Kuri is an app that wants to reduce your food’s carbon footprint

Kuri is a personalized, climate-friendly cooking app that helps people cook seasonal, low-carbon meals. As part of the onboarding process, it takes you through your dietary preferences, and from there it filters out everything you can’t eat. Read More


12th August 2022



1. Instacart’s latest feature lets you order from two retailers with one delivery fee

Instacart announced today that it’s launching a new “OrderUp” feature that lets users add items from additional retailers to their original grocery order without having to pay an extra delivery fee. Read More

2. Hyundai announces $400M AI, robotics institute powered by Boston Dynamics

As Boston Dynamics looks to pragmatic applications to commercialize robots like Spot and Stretch, Hyundai has used the technology for some wild sci-fi demos. Read More


13th August 2022



1. EV laggards BMW and Toyota to partner on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Toyota has deep experience with fuel cell technology, with its eight-year-old Mirai mid-size sedan heading into its second generation. Instead of an engine or a battery, these cars use hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity. Read More

2.  TrashBot uses AI to sort recyclables

There are a number of startups working to improve trash sorting with robots. AMP Robotics is near the top of the list, coupling a picker and a conveyor belt to sort materials in large, automated facilities. Read More


14th August 2022



1. Why Amazon paid $1.7 billion for a Roomba

The first robot that many human beings welcomed into their homes was a peculiar creature born 20 years ago with a funny name. It didn’t look the way we imagined robots, and it didn’t perform the tasks we envisioned outsourcing to robots. Read More

2. Saudi Aramco unveils record $48.4 billion profit in Q2

Oil giant Saudi Aramco on Sunday unveiled record profits of $48.4 billion in the second quarter of 2022 after Russia's war in Ukraine and a post-pandemic surge in demand sent crude prices soaring. Read More


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