Startup Weekly News: 14th August - 18th August

Manali Mehrishi

21st Aug'23
Startup Weekly News: 14th August - 18th August | OpenGrowth

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14th August 2023

Virtualitics Raises $37M Investment for Data Visualization

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Numerous businesses face difficulties concerning their data management. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2019, around 67% of corporate leaders express discomfort with accessing and utilizing their organizations' data. In another study by NewVantage Partners, it's revealed that even though substantial investments have been made in AI and business analytics tools, fewer than a third of companies classify themselves as truly data-driven. (Read more)


16th August 2023

Browse AI-Powered Tool Builds Bots for Efficient Web Scraping

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In the past, companies aiming to retrieve information from websites had to develop specialized code, which was both costly and time-intensive. This challenge, particularly daunting for smaller enterprises, is now being addressed by Browse AI. This emerging startup offers an automated remedy, enabling the extraction of website data and its seamless transfer into spreadsheets or APIs, facilitating subsequent analysis. (Read more)

17th August 2023

Israeli Tech Startups Seek Stability in the US Amidst Government Uncertainty

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In the wake of unprecedented nationwide protests ignited by government plans, Israeli tech startups are embracing a new direction by flocking to the shores of the United States. As the Israeli government's economic strategies cast a shadow of uncertainty over the nation, the tech industry, constituting almost a fifth of the country's gross domestic product and generating around 30% of tax income, has started experiencing turbulence. (Read more)

18th August 2023

Moemate AI: Analyzing Screens with Intriguing Results

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The decline of Cortana shows that older AI assistants are not meeting expectations, leading to their need for reimagining and redevelopment. Amazon is in the process of creating a substantial language model similar to OpenAI's GPT-4 for enhancing its Alexa voice assistant. Simultaneously, Google is said to be working on enhancing Google Assistant by integrating advanced AI features, drawing inspiration from Bard, its chatbot driven by algorithmic capabilities. (Read more)


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