Startup Weekly News: 4th September - 8th September

Manali Mehrishi

11th Sep'23
Startup Weekly News: 4th September - 8th September | OpenGrowth

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4th September 2023

X, once Twitter, gathers biometric and job data

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X, previously called Twitter, plans to gather users' facial photos in a privacy policy update. Subscribers of X Premium have the option to submit a selfie and photo ID for verification. The policy indicates X might gather work and educational backgrounds. This aims to suggest job opportunities and inform potential employers upon application. There's talk that X might venture into job recruitment services. (Read more)


5th September 2023

New payment terminals have triggered a Pine Labs vs. Paytm rivalry

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In a bid to secure a more substantial slice of the offline payments market, both Pine Labs and Paytm have unveiled similar products designed to facilitate UPI and tap-and-pay card transactions. This move signals an intensified battle between the two industry giants in the ever-expanding realm of digital payment solutions. (Read more)

6th September 2023

“Why Isn't He Challenging Me?” Elon Musk's Recent Dig at Zuckerberg

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Elon Musk, the owner of platform X (previously Twitter), recently teased Meta's Mark Zuckerberg about avoiding a cage fight challenge. The two tech giants had jokingly discussed this MMA-style match idea in June messages. Later, Musk clarified he was just kidding about the fight. (Read more)


7th September 2023

Google Unveils Fresh Android Logo and 3D Robot Design

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Google has introduced a revamped Android logo and mascot, showcasing a refreshed 3D appearance for the robot.

A gif displays the Android robot transitioning from its classic green shade to blue, yellow, and rainbow colors. Additionally, it's seen donning a hard hat, adorned as a disco ball, and even sporting a hairy look. (Read more)


8th September 2023

Dell and Nvidia team up to improve global generative AI potential

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Dell is diving into generative AI by introducing Dell Generative AI Solutions, helping customers use big language models and start their own generative AI tasks. Their new set, the Dell Generative AI Solutions, is a product of their partnership with chip maker Nvidia. These tools aim to help businesses quickly and safely build Generative AI models on their own sites, enhancing their operations and intelligence. (Read more)


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