Stefany Stanley - A Well Wisher For Aspiring Women

Falak Chandna

5th Mar'21
Stefany Stanley - A Well Wisher For Aspiring Women | OpenGrowth

COVID-19 has presented the world with a lot of destruction. The destruction that took away the fundamental flow of business management, educational structure, Startups, and many other financially concerned sectors. 

This pandemic has had a huge amount of unfortunate influence on the households as well when it comes to the jobs of the head of the families. The ones who were the only breadwinners lost their jobs and their only source of income during the pandemic.

Moreover, This led to a great revolution when housewives or young girls came forward to encompass and magnify their skills and advanced themselves into the market where they can showcase their expertise and earn a good amount of respectful income.

Stefany Stanley is one of the women entrepreneurs who not only thought of empowering young women but also to manifest women who are willing to enter into creative industries with a platform of exercising personal development and determining practical skills. This platform is termed as OK Mentor.


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What Is “OK Mentor”?




Ok Mentor, the stage through which Stefany Stanley and Liz Stone changed the experience for women seeking an opportunity. However, As this platform is completely led by women instructors and entrepreneurs, the lessons here are also conducted by women in diverse areas of creativity and they tend to cover 'expertise' that usually takes several years to master. The platform addresses everything from the first customer proposal to the best economic follow-up communications! 

Also additionally, In this time of health crisis, Ok Mentor made a big difference in the lives of graduates. And there are also examples of girls and women who have received assistance from this mentorship initiative and benefitted immensely. 




The plan is designed to help emerging creators promote, negotiate, facilitate the implementation and cope with these unreasonable taxation policies. Furthermore, workshops at this platform are also organized primarily for the provision of facilities in the world of COVID-19.

While it's also available to those who aren't studying in high-school, Ok Mentor appears mainly to university students – whether final year students or post-graduates – with comparable and relevant job experience. This is a medium that is certainly willing to boost the more difficult issue of how people obtain knowledge without first being given the chance to gain it. 


About Stefany Stanley


Stefany Stanley, the co-founder of Ok Mentor, a free learning platform, surely encouraged women to master the skills and rock the world that at one point of time seemingly dominated women's power. 

Moreover, the most immeasurable attribute that Stefany showcased was that she worked harder for letting women enfold their abilities. 

During the pandemic, when everyone around inclusive of graduates, postgraduates, people who succumbed to their jobs etc. dropped all the optimism regarding their future in professional life, somehow Stefany managed to rise and shine and build a platform to terminate the oppression for women and created enough opportunities for them to build a successful career.

Isn’t it wow?


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Forthwith, Stefany is conscious about who she is and what she wishes for. She partners for some of the leading technology firms, as an account manager for LinkedIn, to enable them to foster positive interaction. Yes, something she does well. 

She also admits that it took her a while to believe in herself enough, and now that she does, she is committed and passionate about helping young women who might not be there yet. Although she acknowledges, the way to get at this status has not been smooth and pleasant.


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Stefany owes a great deal of her success to the people who have been leading and supporting her across her career and also the desire to keep on doing what she chose.

In the end, have a look at a piece of worthy advice from Stefany Stanley to all the aspiring women entrepreneurs - "I would say my biggest advice is to focus on the purpose of your solution and how to effectively bring that to life for others – that’s what’s going to make you stand out. A product/service is just as good as you position it to your audience and knowing how to get people excited was a big key to our early success. Focus on understanding what moves people and how you can inspire them to want to be part of the world you are creating and your brand. " 


From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.