Steps to Create Huddles on Hub


21st Apr'20
Steps to Create Huddles on Hub | OpenGrowth

What is a huddle?

Team Huddles are short meetings where each team member shares their number one priority of the day and important updates. These meetings keep team members informed of important information, help hold people accountable, and allow for sharing of collective intelligence.

We have two types of huddles on OpenGrowth Hub:

1. Daily

2. Weekly


Setting Up Huddles:

1. Click on the button Huddle on the Top right corner of the Hub space  Or Daily Productivity - > daily huddle/Weekly huddle

Then Click on Manage Huddle Groups.


Daily Huddle

Daily Huddle is sort of a dashboard to showcase Team members Daily activities.

Step 1:  Click on   to set up a daily Huddle.

Step 2: A window will open. Select all the activity you would like to capture on a daily basis

2. If you want to select all the member check the checkbox - Add All or select members one by one 

Daily Huddle Group

3. Then Click on Save Huddle Group - A Daily Huddle group will be saved

Click on the Daily Huddle under My Productivity and for each Team Member the display will be as follows:


Daily Info

Daily Huddle

Stuck Items


Weekly Huddle


Click on  and then click on new weekly Huddle Group 

weekly huddle groups

Access settings

4.Click on Save and a Weekly Huddle will get created.

Navigate to My Productivity -> Weekly huddle 

weekly huddle

weekly huddle


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