Suitable Work Ethics for Remote Workers

Supriti Tripathy

25th Jul'21
Suitable Work Ethics for Remote Workers | OpenGrowth

The workplace did a transition from office premises to a remote location in the wake of 2020. People soon started appreciating the perks of working virtually. While most of us claimed that the challenges to stay connected through digitization were immense, it worked out pretty well for many others. As companies progressed months via remote work culture with effective results, they started considering it a long-term work model. Many employers have already announced a permanent remote work location, while some have established a hybrid model to provide a better work-life balance. 

As the new norm is to work from home now, it is time we ensure greater productivity with a robust remote work ethics policy. Before that, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of remote work that corresponds with the traits of great remote workers.


Remote Work


Pros of Remote Work



Remote work gives us the time to work at our own pace. You could multitask without your boss keeping an eye on you. The only thing that is assessed is target and performance.



You won’t have to do things a certain way. You are free to work your way. Peer interference is less in your work methods as you work from home in the new world of work.


Personal Growth

You can focus entirely on your work and achieve your daily targets before the end of the day. Productivity gets increased when you get the time and inner peace at the comforts of your home. That difficult-to-write report happens quickly. 


Better Work-Life Balance

If you have dependents, you can easily relate to this. Working from home gives you the time with your family, and you can cater to their needs without missing your workday.


Self Motivation

At home, you are your own boss. There won't be anyone to bring your morale down. Hence, you can drive yourself to work diligently and get the best of you through your work.


Resource Saving

No commutation, no use of office resources saves up costs as you work remotely.


Remote Worker


Cons of Remote Work


Lost Connectivity

With no colleagues around, physical connectivity suffers and sometimes gives way to miscommunication.


Compromise on Quality

With fewer resources at disposal at home, there is a scope of compromise on producing quality work.


Balance Confusion

We feel work-life balance is better as we work from home; however, it’s not entirely true. With employee availability there starts a confusion in the balancing and employee tends to work more from home.



With the challenge of limited resources at home, employees work more than usual, giving in to overtime work at the same pay.


Remote Workers


Remote Work Ethics

Work ethics are principles that we must follow as a mandate. It helps us give a professional touch to what we do and ensures we exercise discipline and integrity to discharge our duties.

Here are some remote work ethics we must follow:


Proper Schedule

Often we are stuck with home errands that we forget we have a job that pays us. We must establish a work schedule and stick to it in any case. It is exceptionally crucial for employees with children. Practicing consistency also gives the idea to your colleagues that you take your work seriously.


Say No to Diversions

We fail to find our spaces when we have a large family. Social media is another distraction. Learn to focus on your work. Make a workspace that gives you the office vibes and crank a notch.


Make your Work Speak

Don’t lose sight of your professional goals. Always remain committed to your work and show it in your performances. Be one step ahead and complete your deadlines well before time if possible.


Login on Time

If you have adhered to a time limit, follow it up and check in at the exact time. You can always be early but never late.


Take A Break

Working for long hours can be tedious. Take breaks, exercise, strike a conversation in the chat rooms with your colleagues. Make it fun and relaxing.


Shift Places

Working in one place can bore you. Changing the workstation gives a freshness to the way we work. For example, the balcony workplace can keep you close to nature and kill the monotony.


Adequate Rest

If you wish to recharge after a whole day of work, sleep as early as you get your job finished. You could pursue your hobby when you finish up your creation to pick up fresh and new appointments the next day.


Assess What you Want

Are you happy with your job? What else are your work objectives? Analyzing your work situation will make you positively reconsider your work ethics.


Go With The Flow

In this era of technology, we are fortunate to have a virtual solution ready for any issue we face. The only concern is managing the change, adapting to it, and making it a norm rather than an exception. Work Ethics for Remote Workers is a technique to keep workers motivated and give them a direction to achieve their goals and establish work standards for their firms. What we need to practice as employees is to connect and ensure a smooth workflow. After all, it is up to us to use technology in a way that benefits us. Ethics is what’s already there; how we mirror it in our lives becomes our culture.


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