Sumita Ghose: Founder of Rangsutra, a Socioeconomic Enterprise to Promote Rural India

Roshni Khatri

1st Mar'22
Sumita Ghose: Founder of Rangsutra, a Socioeconomic Enterprise to Promote Rural India | OpenGrowth

Whatever you do, do it uniquely as this makes you renowned and helps you in establishing your true identity”. 

Nothing could be an obstacle for women entrepreneurs of today who chartered the territories fearlessly. Whether it is e-commerce, education, fashion, travel, retail, fitness, hiring, or anything under the sun, they are leading ahead with gumption and zest to mold the world around them. Although there are many challenges for women entrepreneurs, women are still working and putting their ideas differently and seeking solutions for even the most complex hurdles. They fight with society and run successful ventures to generate employment for other females. With this, they are giving rise to a new and sustainable ecosystem too.

In today’s era, managing and holding business operations are not a big taboo. As women have glorified the world with their true worth, each of them is creating its own story successfully in today’s age.

Sumita Ghose, the founder of Rangsutra, is one of the influential personalities of the women entrepreneurs’ community. She is the director of Rangsutra, a social enterprise that is working to bring social and economic development to rural areas of India. With this Sumita has achieved the “Nari Shakti Puraskar” award from the President of India.

There are 1800 rural artisans in Rangsutra, most of them are women. Other owners are the organizations having similar ideology and community people who are working to provide the occupation to the rural artisans in India.

The organization provides design, marketing, technical and entrepreneurial support for rural artisans to earn their livelihood. In other words, they provide home and village-based employment to the rural artist.


About Sumita Ghose

Before establishing Rangsutra, Sumita worked in many rural areas, especially in Western Rajasthan with URMUL trust. She has worked with many rural communities for social development and economic change.

Sumita has done Master's in Economics from Mumbai University. Besides this, she has completed a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Fulbright Scholar Eastern Mennonite University, United States.

Sumita is also the recipient of the MacArthur fellowship for leadership and was selected as a Synergos Global Fellow in 2012. She had the idea to assist rural and village artisans, so she established a corporation named “Rangsutra Crafts India Limited”.

Today Sumita Ghose has the business of community-owned artisans. These are working from remote villages and rural areas across India and most of them are Shareholders as well.


Sumita Ghose


How the Journey Started

After completing the education,  Sumita Ghose decided to start the business to provide a helping hand to rural artisans, there was not enough capital. Moreover, no bank was ready to finance her idea, as there was nothing to put as collateral. Although there are many tools for financing female entrepreneurs. But Sumita chose her idea and path.

Sumita did not abandon the idea, she approached the weavers, craftspeople and offered them equity. This idea worked, and almost 1000 artisans invested 1000 Rupees each. With this Sumita collected the money on her level from friends, family and acquaintances. In this way, almost Ten Lac INR was collected and the idea of business was executed. Today there are three thousand community-based artisans who are working with the company.


About the Rangsutra

Rangsutra Crafts India Limited is an unlisted public company incorporated on 15 July 2006. It is a Public limited company and is situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The corporation has 1.10 INR Cr. With the paid-up capital of INR 63.32 lac.

It has become a large organization today and has made a team of two thousand artisans across rural India. The corporation has the vision to provide livelihoods to those rural artists who are having enormous skills and talent.

Rangsutra sells handcrafted items to Fab India, it is a partner and promoter of village handlooms products and traditional crafts. Besides this, it has the export partner IKEA, a Swedish organization that is famous for the handcrafted articles particularly deals in furniture.


Sumita Ghose


Organizational Values

The organization is an intermediary between global consumers and rural artists. Many people prefer to use handcrafted creative articles. As these are unique in color and texture and durable too. Sumita Ghose believes that the community of artisans, especially the women, needs economic opportunities. It is important to ensure that women are equally paid for their work. This can make them self-dependent and financially sound.

The enterprise has the aim to keep alive the rich tradition of rural craftsmanship in a rapidly changing world.


Philosophy of Rangsutra

The prime factor of the business is that there are 70% women artisans who are working with it. It does not end here, as they are part of the Board of Directors also. “Female empowerment” is the core policy of the company. Rangsutra helps the women to expand their skills and managerial tact. Besides this, they understand that quality is a prominent aspect of the market. All the artisans work dedicatedly and deliver the best quality products. 

In urban areas, there is a huge demand for traditional objects. Rangsutra fulfills this demand by supplying these articles in the urban market. The company has the policy to keep alive the ancestral skill and talent. As it should not go in vain. Sumita Ghose understood this fact and started her own business and dedicated this to all the skilled rural artisans.


Sumita Ghose


 Women in rural areas are considered just for serving and doing household activities. Although they have a tremendous skill set in traditional weaving and making handicraft objects. They have the ability but not direction. They do not have an idea of where to start!

Sumita Ghose realized this talent and has promoted many women to get enrolled in this business. She is the inspiration for women entrepreneurs. “To become successful is everyone’s dream, but to give wings to others’ dreams is appreciable.” Sumita has proved this and has done a great job.

 Rangsutra has fulfilled the dreams of many rural community-based artisans. Sumita’s journey is not of a single woman, rather it is a journey of feminism.

With the hard work, dedication, determination Sumita has made the dream come true of millions of females who have ever dreamt of becoming financially independent. In today’s world, many young female entrepreneurs are following her footprints.

We should applaud the success of women's empowerment as these are the most integral part of society. This is the success story of Sumita Ghose and can be yours too, in finding your own path and chasing your dreams.



Millennial women entrepreneurs are more independent when they are in the state of taking financial decisions. Sumita Ghose took her own decision and enlightened the lives of many other women also. Women entrepreneurs have their own personal and professional paths to achieve the desired goals. 

So ladies set your goals, get inspired by the story of Sumita and enrich your life with success and glory!

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