Summary: Why Do Your Employees Resist New Tech?


25th Aug'20
Summary: Why Do Your Employees Resist New Tech? | OpenGrowth

Technology has the potential to create a positive culture and objective. It will, without doubt, further enhance organizational capability. But technology, culture, and purpose will require to become reasonably integrated if we want to establish sustainable organizations and communities of the future. 


We are pleased to announce, Frank-Jürgen Richter has co-authored with the chairman of OpenGrowth, Gunjan Sinha, an article on the topic "Why do The Employers Resist New Tech", which has been published in Harvard Business Review.


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Why Do Your Employees Resist New Tech? 


Summary Of The Article 


The article revolves around the five key levers to help business leaders build a culture that will help drive reasonable, more effective tech adoption according to the basis of the author’s experience. 

Here are the 5 key levers: 

  •  Incentivize technology use: Building such a culture needs different types of strategies across enterprises, but a time-tested strategy is to incentivize technology use. Monetary benefits or fresh solutions to tough difficulties can lead to behavioural changes when managed appropriately.
  •  Invest in the infrastructure: If the practice of technology is going to be cumbersome, its uptake is getting on to be disappointing too. Another necessity for establishing a culture of technology adoption lies in making the infrastructure around it, including IT systems and policies, software, processes, and practices, corroborating and user friendly. 
  • Make reskilling and learning part of the plan: On similar lines, education and reskilling go a long way in facilitating the favourable kind of culture. It’s telling that one McKinsey global study found that 87% of executives were either already encountering or expecting skill gaps in their manpower within the next couple of years. 
  • Don’t make it piecemeal: Organizations must have a long-term technique toward the innovation of a culture that motivates and embraces technology adoption. A piecemeal approach to tech adoption and implementation may feel like short-term progress, but will not lead to the creation of a digitally-focused mindset, and it will not emerge in a clean departure from inheritance systems or beliefs. 
  • Understand how governments and policy are involved: Governments also play a position in facilitating and motivating a culture of tech adoption. The right manner of culture often percolates from the highest authority creating a facilitative environment for technology to prosper. 


Costs, complexity, and skills are all reasonable barriers, of course, but without the good organizational culture supporting technology, especially in the age of a pandemic, investments inactivity or particular tools could wither on the vine. That’s why we must see organizational culture as an area of the specific core for companies looking to adapt to new technologies.


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