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Super Health Benefits of the Naturally Sweet Tea

Supriti Tripathy

31st Aug'21
Super Health Benefits of the Naturally Sweet Tea | OpenGrowth


Tea Lovers around the world aren't new to black, green, and red tea. There are different flavors of tea; some exotic, some strong but most of them bitter. However, this naturally sweet tea, famously known as Rooibos Tea, brings a unique flavor to the tea with its nutty taste. While people consume green tea to stay fit and lose extra kilos, Rooibos tea improves digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, and lessens wrinkles. Here is more about the origin of the tea, its immense benefits, the fantastic cultivation process, and ways to consume and store it.


Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a 300-year old herb that is native to the Cederberg region of South Africa. In the 1700s, it was just an alternative option for the costly imported black tea and evolved commercially post 1930. Post harvesting, brewing of the crop gives it a slight reddish-brown tinge that resembles tea. Africans call it red bush tea. It is caffeine-free and has a high level of antioxidants. It's also used for flavoring and in cosmetics. Camellia sinensis is a 1000 plus-year-old plant that produces black and green tea.

Rooibos plant belongs to the legume family and has needle-like leaves. It belongs to the shrub Aspalathus linearis. The ants help in harvesting the seeds popped out of the flower. The plant gets ready in about 18 months post seedling and then harvested in the hot months of the year. The process of harvest is similar to the Camellia sinensis plant. The red rooibos is the more oxidized form, is more flavourful than the green rooibos, which has a grassy texture.




Taste of Rooibos Tea

The flavor of rooibos tea is what makes it very famous. It's often perceived that herbal teas are strong and bitter. However, rooibos is an exception. It has a creamy, nutty taste with the addition of sweet vanilla tints. You can sip it with warm water, honey or throw in some milk to enjoy the beverage.


Benefits of Rooibos Tea

  • Rooibos has a composition that relieves people of stomach instabilities like cramps, gut disorders, and digestive issues. It contains rutin, orientin, and flavonoids quercetin that implies rich antioxidants.

  • Rooibos helps reduce wrinkles and slow down aging because of their enzymes. However, it's essential to be consistent with intaking the drink.

  • While coffee can generate power, it can help in keeping the cholesterol level in check.

  • It helps sleep better with no caffeine and low levels of tannins. People with kidney issues prefer rooibos tea over black tea or green tea because of no oxalic acid.


Side Effects of Rooibos Tea

While tea is famous for its medicinal benefits, everything is bad when consumed in excess. Following are some of the after-effects of rooibos tea as claimed by few cases.

  • Liver Issue

One case implied consuming rooibos in large quantities increased liver enzymes causing problems in the liver.

  • Hormonal changes

The composition is an indicator of producing estrogen hormone in massive levels. Hormone-sensitive conditions like females with breast cancer must avoid the tea or consume lower amounts.

Other Uses of Rooibos Tea

  • We can use it as a flavor in cocktails or have it as a latte or iced tea.
  • Mixing it with ingredients brings out unique recipes like rooibos, apple chutney, and rooibos chicken pot pie.
  • Brands use it in anti-aging herbal creams or powder.
  • Herbal dyes and fabric for crafts use the brewed red rooibos because of their red tinge.


Way to Prepare

Just like any other variety of tea, you must infuse this refreshing beverage in fresh filtered water.

  • Make use of good quality loose leaf to brew, i.e., about 2 grams of leaf in 8 ounces of water.

  • Boil the water to about 215 degrees and allow the Rooibos leaves to settle. In high altitudes, the temperature drops, so heat accordingly.

  • In 4-5 minutes of infusion with a lid, add some sweetener or milk and enjoy the flavourful burst.

  • You can keep the tea infused for longer if you like strong tea. Rooibos is naturally sweet, so it won't get bitter if brewed longer.

  • Tea brands sell different varieties of rooibos tea, including vanilla, citrus, and blended chocolate flavors.


Things to Consider when Buying Rooibos

Store the tea in a cool and dark place like any other tea. Consume it within two years of its processed date. Herbs have specific medicinal properties, as mentioned in the benefits of the Rooibos tea, and they work well when they are fresh. Rooibos tea may not spoil completely, but it can lose its herbal effects and taste moldy when kept longer. So grab this delicious beverage at the website of Amazon and enjoy your sips without getting concerned with health issues. Moreover, it can also become a part of airline catering.


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