Sustainability And Conservation Within The Game

Neda Ali (Editor)

28th Jan'21

Sustainability And Conservation 

There is the emergence of Environmental conservation games which include Activities formulated to raise awareness and enable behavioral modification toward the conservation of environmental resources. Digital games give outstanding platforms and tools to support both conservation and sustainable development initiatives.

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Playing for change

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Sustainability And Conservation 

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How Sustainability And Conservation Are Promoted In Games?

The gaming industry attains one in three people worldwide and is thus one of the vastly influential industries in the world. Although this is impressive in itself, what is truly incredible is this industry’s potential to impact the behavior of young people on a global scale. . To explore, UN Environment has been functioning with the gaming industry to assume how young people can act to conserve the environment.

Games with environmental management topics also give imaginative and creative ways in approaching decision-making, responsible consumption, and the advancement of original solutions to current issues, especially those related to sustainability. This includes factors such as conflict management, conservation funding, and decision-making in problematic situations. Also, games deliver Learn openings and can catch up with a variety of audiences.

Environmental Games

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Play Games, Save the Planet

Sustainability-focused video games can serve as an excellent way to increase attention, motivation, and retention among learners in conservation teaching settings. To know about 5 conservation learning games, click here:

Video games industry 

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Environmental Games That Teach Kids

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Innovation In the Industry

Awareness about energy consumption and conservation is addressed by the games like PowerHouse, PowerAgent, Power Advisor, and Energy Chickens. Although PowerHouse is mostly based on promoting an energy-efficient attitude, PowerAgent allows performers to access their actual household electricity utilization during the game and thereby reward the conservation of energy. Power Advisor is a portable application that monitors energy consumption per individual performer.


Trending Startups

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Trending Startups

The Sims 4 launched Eco Lifestyle: 

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An expansion pack that concentrates on sustainability and conservation within the game. Sims are graded on their eco-footprint, including household and consumption patterns, the expansion enables performers to opt for more sustainable choices and installing solar panels.


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