Sustainable Fashion Trends

Beauty Kumari

8th Sep'20
Sustainable Fashion Trends | OpenGrowth

In recent years, sustainability has become a buzzword. Just as customers today are taking a closer look at the food they eat and the chemicals they put into their bodies, they are also shifting their purchasing opinions to create a cleaner environment through the costume they wear. There has been a rise of interest in a sustainable fashion. Not coincidentally, we have simultaneously noticed exponential growth in the number of brands and initiatives on the market. One of the hugest culprits in the fashion industry is “fast fashion,” or clothes brought in cheaply to meet needs for the hot new styles. However, fast fashion is putting our future planet in danger.


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What is Sustainable Fashion?


Sustainable fashion pertains to clothing that is designed, manufactured, allocated, and used in environmentally friendly manners. Fashion can be made more sustainable in various ways, from using organic materials, using biodegradable colors, to engineering patterns that generate zero waste. The sustainability in the fashion industry movement is developing, it assists us to focus on continuously doing sufficient, rather than striving for and anticipating perfection right now. Natural fibers are biodegradable and can compost cleanly back into the soil, unlike synthetic fibers that will not biodegrade and rather sit in the dump, continually leaching toxic chemicals and fumes. Using pre-existing materials to create new clothing is always a great choice because it does not need the extraction of new resources from the Earth but rather makes the most utilization of materials that may otherwise go to garbage.


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Sustainable Fashion Trends 


Over the past few years, fashion customers have become increasingly familiar with the negative impacts of their purchasing choices on the environment. The more familiar people are of the consequences of their over-reliance on fast fashion, the more likely they are to slow down and make more sustainable fashion choices.

A fast-growing amount of designers are putting the planet first through their commodities and business models, whether that be letting you rent their denim pieces, creating ethical T-shirts, or renovating seaweed into shoe soles.


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