Ditch Plastic Bottles and Switch to Soap Bars

Beauty Kumari

2nd Sep'20
Ditch Plastic Bottles and Switch to Soap Bars | OpenGrowth

The bathroom. It's a place to get clean, and a place to keep clean.

But that's often done through a variety of plastic packaged products that eventually end up cluttering our climate, despite the amount of packaging that finds another life via recycling. One way to clear your bathroom of some of these packages is so easy, you may have already executed it. You've probably heard of tiny old soap bars, a product that's been protecting humanity clean since the ancient era.


Why Switch to Soap Bars?

Switching to bar soaps is perhaps the easiest way you can positively affect your footprint by reducing excessive chemicals, additives, and plastics. Replacing plastic from beauty skincare products like fluid hand soaps, facial cleansers, shampoos, and body washes for a whole year adds up soon. Switching to bar soaps is a simple way to get started, and set a pattern of being more informed day-to-day. Bar soaps, on regular, require about one-fifth the energy to generate liquid soaps and detergents.

Commercial liquid body washes are created with synthetic detergents, fragrances, and preservatives that give no benefits to our bodies and are toxic to the environment. Many of these compounds expand to the shelf life of the product as preservatives, artificial smells & colors, as well as lathering agents.

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Soap bar


Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastics have only lived for about 70 years, however, we have come to lean on plastic for everything it appears. Whether it be water bottles or bags, plastic has made our lives so much more beneficial. But, about nine million tons of plastic gets thrown into the ocean regularly, which turns down to one garbage truck full of plastic being ditched into the sea every moment. Shampoo bars cut out the want for plastic bottles, and most come draped in recycled paper or in paper boxes.

One of the other benefits of the bars being more attentive than traditional shampoos bars and conditioners is you can use less per application and they will, with proper maintenance, last longer. After using the shampoo bottles we throw it always. The shampoo bottles are being used as trash or waste. So, the best alternative for avoiding plastic wastage is switching to soap bars.


bath Soap


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Reduce plastic waste, one bar at a time.

Body wash can be replaced with bar soap, eliminating the need for a disposable plastic bottle.

Reduce Plastic Waste - Use Bar Soap

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