Tally Solutions Launches Next-Gen Business Management Software - TallyPrime

Jyotshana Rani

20th Jan'21
Tally Solutions Launches Next-Gen Business Management Software - TallyPrime | OpenGrowth

About Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian multinational company that provides enterprise resource planning software. It is India's leading business management software provider. As per the company's report, its software is used by more than 1.8 million customers.

The first version of the accounting software named Peutronics Financial Accountant was launched as an MS-DOS application that had only basic accounting functions.

Tally Solutions was shortlisted as a GST Suvidha Provider in 2016 to provide an interface between the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) server and taxpayers, and the company launched its updated GST compliance software in 2017.

Tally Solutions launched the next generation business management software called TallyPrime on November 09, 2020.

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What is TallyPrime

Tally has already empowered thousands of businesses to stay ahead with their simplicity of GST implementation and filing of returns. TallyPrime helps in making informed decisions for your business growth with the help of its diverse set of readily available business reports with powerful and actionable insights. From business relationships to cash or inventory, these reports will help you manage all the aspects better with extremely easy discovery and navigation.


Source: financialsamachar.com

It ensures you to stay on track with your goals and have all the reports required taking the best-suited decision for your business and tracking your progress formerly.

With TallyPrime, you can access business reports from a web browser, wherever you are, and with the promise that your data is available only to you. It comes along with multiple users and feature-based security levels. And an additional layer of security called TallyVault ensures encryption which no one in the world can break, not even us at Tally. Read more about TallyPrime.


Features of TallyPrime


1. Search Bar

At the top of the Tally Prime screen, there is a ‘Go-To’ search bar using which you can easily access any part of Tally by typing in the search bar. You can access 90% of the options with it. Thus, it makes Tally more suitable for Business owners.

2. Mark Details As Permanent

Often, some fields in Tally are used every time an entry is made while many others are rarely used. So, Keeping this in mind, Tally Prime allows setting a few fields as ‘Permanent’ so that you do not have to go through irrelevant fields unnecessarily.

Source: amsantechnology.com


3. Change Mode

This new generation software gives Change Mode options. These three options are: ‘Item Invoice’, ‘Accounting invoice’ and ‘As invoice’ making it easier for you to navigate through them.


4. Admin Rights

This option is made available in the Browser access, it gives Admin the right to stop a user session. Admin can disconnect a user session even in the case of remote access.


5. Clutter-Free Screen Space

From the Help Menu, you can easily access the error messages and other details. Earlier this was available at the bottom of the Tally screen. Thus now you get a more clutter-free screen.

Read more about TallyPrime and its features.


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