Streamline Your Tasks With The OpenGrowth Hub!

Shriya Sarang

24th May'22
Streamline Your Tasks With The OpenGrowth Hub! | OpenGrowth

Choosing to work from home disconnects the team from communicating in person and shifts them to models like video calls, voice calls, chats, emails, etc. The problem with this setup is that the people interacting are at a major risk of miscommunication and this may result in serious productivity issues.

The lack of confidence displayed by many employers is a significant source of anxiety for remote workers. Many unusual things have happened as a result, such as mandated live cam monitoring, enhanced reporting, and virtual timekeeping activities.

While limited accountability implementation is acceptable, widespread monitoring undermines unit cohesion and can rapidly lead to animosity. That's when the importance of Agendas and To-Do lists comes in. Especially the ones which are monitored and time-bound. Let’s start where it all begins and then discuss the best solutions for you. 


Importance of Assigning Tasks while Working


It is difficult to succeed in today's workplace. There are simply too many projects and chores to keep track of. Things can get overwhelming with new things popping up and your commitments. When you factor in the numerous distractions, you're in for a challenging journey up the success ladder.

A to-do list can help you get things done faster. A to-do list will help you achieve more of your goals or better manage your time, whether you're trying to achieve more or chevalier your time. By becoming a person who is always on top of things and feels good every day, you can give your career a boost.


What is the ‘Task’ feature at the OpenGrowth Hub?



The Task is more than a to-do list. It enables the users to track their work. The user can create a new task, assign it to any team member and set a deadline to make sure projects are delivered on time. They can check-in - checkout on any project. These tasks can also be collectively assigned to a team wherein every individual checks in the time they work on. Here are some highlights you need to know about Tasks -


  • Tasks can be given project names, and deadlines and they can be assigned to various members of a team.

  • Edits and changes can also be made in Tasks after assigning them. 

  • The owner of the Task can monitor the progress of the teammates and the hours of work put in. 

  • The option to delete the Task is also reserved with the owner.

  • Furthermore, Tasks allow you to create a Checklist which is a collection of Tasks.


The Conclusion


Remembering things and keeping to deadlines are two of the most important functions of a to-do list. Even if it is only a minor part of the benefits, it is crucial. Maintaining control over your tasks allows you to be a dependable team member, manager, and friend. It also opens up numerous opportunities for advancement in your work.

A task list can also help you better manage your workload and know when to say "no." You know how much work you have to perform at any given time and can plan accordingly. When you have a clear picture of all your responsibilities and projects, it's easier to stay on top of everything. People will respect you more and cherish your time if you manage your task in this manner.

The Tasks feature is an advanced and upgraded version of simple To-Do lists. The employer sets a timed task for his/her employee. Furthermore, the employees can log in their time while their working on that task and also mark it when it's done. 

As a business running remotely, the Tasks feature proves itself to be a bridge between the employee and the supervisor. Streamline your work with the OpenGrowth hub now!

OpenGrowth Hub equips remote teams with the tools they need to function well by enabling virtual collaboration. Aiming to build an effective team while nurturing leadership in each and everyone.

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Shriya Sarang holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Apart from having no political opinions, she advocates financial literacy among her friends.