The 3 Most Vital Techniques to Retain Employees

Jyotshana Rani

22nd Feb'21

Employee retention is the ability of an organization to retain its employees and it is one of the biggest challenges that organisations are facing. Frequent switching of the organisation by employees depends on various factors. Either they are not satisfied with their job role and organisation’s environment, or they think their paying scale is less than they deserve. Whatever the reasons are, organisations must resolve it if they want their experienced, and talented people to stay.


How to retain employees in an organisation

When you look for ways to retain employees, there are several results you will find and it will seem difficult to follow all those points. So, below mentioned are the 3 most vital techniques to retain employees:

1. Pick the right people while

While hiring, organisations generally look for people who have got a bunch of certificates or have scored good marks. If you do so, here is a surprising fact for you, when we say pick up the right people, we simply mean to look for the candidates who have a proven track record and has demonstrated in real life that they can get it done for their team, their attitude of getting a task done is infectious, and they inspire other people to figure out how to make everything work. During the hiring process, you should focus on whether the person is happy with a bag of skills or not because happy people are easy to work with and they create a positive and productive environment.


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2. Onboard incredibly well

Onboarding means the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one's products or services. To accommodate a competitive, rapidly shifting market good onboarding needs to happen quickly, but do not get carried away with it. You need to take your time and train your hires thoroughly because, in the end, that's what matters the most.

Be honest and have a conversation so that candidates have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and how they’re supposed to get things done. After knowing all the details, they will be able to connect with their team better and perform at their best for you right away.


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3. Lean on three core values

Radical transparency, extreme ownership, and complete honesty are the three core values that apply well to employee retention.

Radical transparency radically increases the openness of organizational processes and is all about everyone knowing exactly what’s going on. This is about trusting your employees to get results and believing that they’ll show you their progress when they should. It is not just about communicating across all levels and explaining yourself, but also about trusting them to take whatever you communicate to them and make good choices.

Radical transparency connects to extreme ownership. Extreme ownership is about taking clear, absolute responsibility for everything related to the job and maybe even some things a little to the right and left of the job, too. So you will encourage innovation by picking the kind of person who can claim both wins and mistakes.

Complete honesty means you constantly evaluate rather than periodically because ultimately that’s more respectful to everybody involved. This helps employees in knowing exactly what they’re doing right or wrong or how to do better.

Following all these values help you in building a great relationship with workers who are both coachable and courageous. 

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