The AI Ethics Hoax

Jyotshana Rani

19th Mar'21

When we talk about technology, the first thing which comes in our mind is the easiness it has brought to our lives. Technology has certainly acquired a heavy part in our lives. We know that each coin has two sides, and technology too has its own boon and bane. But, sometimes, we focus so much on the bane that it starts bothering us like anything. And this overthinking gives birth to many unanswered, out-of-world questions which sometimes do not even have a logic.


AI ethics hoax

AI has become very dominant in our lives, and now it is being used in healthcare, finance, the law, and various other sectors as well. In fact, we can say that AI is the future of every sector. When it comes to AI, we can say the implications of what we always say: movies have a bigger impact on our lives. We have a number of movies based on sci-fi fantasy, and we get so much carried away with them that it has left us with a series of questions. Sci-fi movies present how a robot starts functioning as a human and what destruction it can cause when it does so. Questions like what if AI-based machines become smarter than humans? What should we do if such a situation arises? If AI machines develop their own values, how will it affect our lives? If these values conflict with ours, then what will happen? How should we treat these AI machines if they become conscious? What should their moral status be? And many more such questions.

There aren't any issues with the questions. Any curious person will ask these questions if they are introduced to a new thing, but the problem is with the people’s immediate sci-fi appeal can obscure the real practical questions regarding AI and its implications. But, when we closely observe shutting down all the sci-fi fantasy, we will see that these questions are of no relevance to the real ethical questions.

Think it thoroughly. Imagine machines becoming smarter than us. The first question that comes across is, aren't AI machines already smarter than us? You must have heard about AI machines having already beaten the former Go champion, Lee Se-dol. The Go champion announced his retirement, declaring that artificial intelligence has created an opponent that "cannot be defeated." Not only that, they are far better when it comes to remembering phone numbers, searching documents for information, storing data, finding the best route to your destination, and of course at mathematical calculations. Aren’t they designed to be smarter than us? 


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The real concern

Now, we have seen that AI machines are way smarter than humans. But, people do not mean this when they say about machines becoming smarter. They mean that if the machines become smarter in a way that they might be able to think, make decisions, be creative, inventive, witty, reasonable, sensitive to other creatures, and have other feelings. In short, if they become like ‘Chitti’ from Movie Robot or ‘Ultron’ from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. 


It’s not just about the ability to perform a job or play chess, but it involves what AI researchers term as “General Intelligence”. For AI machines to become the way we are, they must have their version of general intelligence like Artificial General Intelligence or AGI. In fact, many AI groups are already searching for AGI.

In 2014, a chatbot named Eugene Goostman won the Turing Challenge by fooling humans into thinking that they are talking to a human being for the first time. In the challenge, human raters add text input to chat with an unknown entity, then guess whether they had been chatting with a human or a machine. The bot successfully fooled more than half of the human raters.

AI is capable of doing amazing things, and in the coming years, we will definitely see more unbelievable things done with the help of AI. And some of them may be dangerous, but we do not need to think much about it watching sci-fi fantasies because machines will never be conscious like humans.


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Importance of Ethics in AI

In the coming future, AI machines will have a significant impact on human behavior and life. With the evolution in AI technology, a lot of questions have been raised in people’s minds. The ethics in AI will certainly put halt to many such questions. Keeping people’s concerns in mind, the University of Oxford has started an Institute for Ethics in AI which will address ethical questions about the use of AI. 

Source: KuppingerCole

AI machines do not have any moral compass to guide them on what is wrong and what is right. It can only differentiate between them based on data that has the label “right” and the label “wrong” attached to it. So, to monitor the outcomes of AI-based technology and understand its behavior fully AI ethics are important. AI is used to help solve bigger issues that are plaguing human life on this planet. But, we can not guarantee it as each person functions differently, and on one side when it can be used for beneficial purposes, on the other side, it can be too dangerous if it goes in the wrong hands.

If we use AI ethically, this technology wields the power to bring unparalleled advancement and benefits to our way of living.


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