The Basics of Marketing to Gen Z

Roshni Khatri

26th Apr'22
The Basics of Marketing to Gen Z | OpenGrowth

Most of you might think that the Gen Z is simply millennial or the form of generation that is rebranded for the stake of the market. The new generation of consumers has represented over $140 billion in spending power. But if you ask the millennials, then they believe that just 23% were like Gen Z.

So if you want to build the Gen Z customer base then you would have to focus on five ways to successfully tweak the digital marketing strategy, even for a younger audience. The prime elements of marketing to Gen Z are as follows:

  • Sell positive feedback and experience, not the products

  • Think about a major influencer campaign

  • Build relationships with the consumers

  • Highlight the dedication to maintaining the privacy


Gen Z


Who is Generation Z?

Before addressing the concepts of digital marketing strategy, we would have to first understand what the term Gen Z refers to. Just like iGeneration, Generation Z refers to the people born from 1995 to the 2000s. In other words, this demographic is approximately 32% of the global population. These are the people who were born in the times of iPad, mobile phones and computers, and do not know the world without the internet. The market has an audience from Gen Z, and by building brand strategies you can satisfy the needs of this generation. It denotes that if you want to establish your brand image then you would have to focus on Gen Z.


Generation Z and Marketing

The rise of smartphones and technology has enabled generation Z to roam to every place that they want and get exposure to everything with just a single click or Swipe. 

In other words, they are exploring every aspect through social media platforms and are unaware of the television scenario, as they have access to it on their smartphones. If you have to do the marketing of your products then you should know the channels used by the people, so that you can approach the target audience. The apps and the sites should be very eye-catching with this the content of ads must be an attention seeker. These elements can be the influencer steps for you. 


Gen Z


Basics of Marketing

In the current scenario, the generation Z is making their own purchasing decisions, which affects consumer behavior. So the marketers are scrambling to find ways to connect with generation Z. the issue is that many marketers do not understand this generation. As they are lumped with millennials, they should know that Generation Z is different from its predecessors. Besides this you should know how to master a marketing funnel, to overcome the challenges of the market. so it is really important to understand this generation. To discuss it more briefly let’s focus on some basics:

Assessing the Priority of the Audience

Knowing the target audience is the most important strategy of marketing to any generation, the same rule prevails in generation Z also. In other words, it can be said that what are the expectations of these generations, are a crucial aspect. Therefore the marketing tool should be used to research the preferences and choices of generation Z. Many organizations are investing a huge sum in addressing the actual demands of this generation. Gen Z is focused on realism and communication. They prefer to buy just those products that are unique and sourced ethically. 

Trust on Influencers

The influence report found that half of the consumers of generation Z believe that the influencer must be trustworthy. Almost three-fourths of this generation follow the accounts of influencers on social media. With this almost 56% have purchased something on the recommendation of an influencer. Thus the brands need to be careful about the influencer they partner with. One of the most significant ways for brands is to capitalize on the fact that setting up a referral system to boost user-generated content and also allow the customers to earn the rewards for mouth marketing.


Gen Z


Email Marketing

Marketers associate email marketing with older generations. Well, it is a fact that generation Z, opens the mail multiple times a day. As per the marketing perspective, social media is the preferred element of engagement with the favorite brands. Because of this type of marketing, many people from generation Z have purchased multiple products.

Engagement Trends

As per the entrepreneurial mindset, the interest of generation Z in industry and career trends is not a point of surprise. According to the survey, 86% of this generation are engaged in online learning. Whereas the prior generations focused on soft skills and prefer to learn on weekends, the Gen Z prefers to work on their skills and they are ready to do this even on weekends. Such as the engagement of generation Z on LinkedIn is 2.7x higher than at the beginning of 2020. This generation likes the content related to technology and hard skills. Like web development, data analysis, business intelligence and spreadsheets are some prime topics. 

Be Prepared for Generation Z

This generation is wide in the terms of demographic regions. They have different expectations for the companies from which they buy the products. If you want to capture these audiences, then you must earn their trust and have to believe in your product as well as its purpose. You would have to understand that mere Gen Z can reward you with business and loyalty. Although they have higher exceptions, we should take it positively as the change is better. 

Thus you need to learn the art of positioning your brand, as it can build your brand image effectively.



Marketing to Generation Z is not that perplexing as they are a unique set of consumers. Just like the other generations, they are responsive to brands that better understand their demands and needs. With this, they respond differently. By adopting some unique strategies of marketing, a connection with this generation can be built. It is the young and powerful generation and has the potential to enrich any brand successfully. 

So you can build a strong brand image, trust and loyalty with the audience of Generation Z. 


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