The Best Places to Visit on Christmas

Sunny Samanta

23rd Dec'21
The Best Places to Visit on Christmas | OpenGrowth

One of the most memorable parts of growing up in a catholic school was the time of Christmas. From classrooms to the playground to our principal’s office, every place gets decorated with Christmas-inspired holiday-themed lights, bubble crystal balls, hanging snowflakes, and tiny Christmas trees. Since then, like millions worldwide, I’ve grown up to enjoy this time of the year even more in anticipation of good times where family and friends reunite, good things happening to people, and of course, Santa Claus.

 Another thing that I adore about Christmas is the jingling of bells and incredible adorable decorations that surround entire cities across countries and continents. It makes for a perfect time to pack your back and travel. And while I’ve been lucky to have traveled to some fantastic places where Christmas was celebrated in unison and complete galore spreading happiness and joy, there are still many places worldwide that everyone should plan to visit, especially during Christmas. We can even describe it as the best place to visit on Christmas.

So, if you are planning to travel during Christmas time but not sure where to, then here is a list of places you can select from and have a memorable Christmas time. Also, while you are travelling ensure that you are aware of the guide to travel abroad during Covid-19.


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Best Places to Visit on Christmas

Following are some of the best places that are bound to enthrall you with a memorable Christmas experience leaving you with many cherishable memories for life. Also, some of these places offer Christmas-themed events where people can participate for extra fun and joy-filled times. Furthermore, some travel photography tips can always come in handy in capturing those precious moments.


Bethlehem, West Bank

Located in Palestine and known as the place where David was from, Bethlehem is the biblical birthplace of Jesus Christ and serves as the primary Christian pilgrimage destination. During the season of Christmas, the place lights up in full swing to welcome global visitors and host them on their vacation. The Manger Square in the old city is a popular spot in the town that visitors shouldn’t miss visiting. Also, you must definitely dedicate some time to visit St. Catherine’s Church‘s midnight mass that can leave visitors with a heavenly dynamism.

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Bondi Beach, Australia

For beach lovers, Bondi Beach is a perfect getaway destination during Christmas. Here the celebration paints a completely contrasting outlook to usual Christmas decorations. Furthermore, you will not find any snowy and fairy light kind of decorations. Instead, the sand, sun, and water activities make up the Christmas celebration. The beach remains a popular travel destination for backpackers for the entire year, but Christmas is when it shines the most. It sets up a perfect festive atmosphere with the Band and DJs coming together to woo the people at the beach and leave everyone spellbound.


New York City, USA

Who mustn’t have heard of the Empire State? The place where King Kong was shot. Many dreams have come full circle, and many still dream to make it one day. The location is a sight to behold when the Christmas season commences. It is in New York City. Filled with Christmas lights, snowy decorations, and bland muzak, the city can claim to be the best Christmas destination in the world and even win it by a country mile. Also, the Rockefeller Center is there to enthrall the visitors with the tallest Christmas tree in the world. And it presents different reasons for shopaholics to visit this dream city as it offers excellent shopping options that are most desirable.




Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the most popular travel destinations to visit in Germany, and it is one of the best contemporary cities for travelers to visit. The city is mainly famous for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and some of the largest breweries in Germany. Also, its laid-back café culture and cosmopolitan city lifestyle attract several tourists around the year. And come Christmas, the city paints a picturesque view of the Christmas celebration. Furthermore, visitors get to see a 100-foot tall Christmas tree in Marienplatz.

Marienplatz has more than two dozen Christmas markets to accommodate travelers and satiate their shopping needs. Also, while you are in Munich, never forget to try some mulled wine, and tasteful gingerbread served on trams across this old city of Germany. And then in the evening, you can check some live holiday music on the balcony of the town hall there.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another picturesque Christmas destination that you can plan to visit during Christmas. The way it gets decorated every year, you will literally have yourself say, “This place was meant to be a Christmas travel destination.” You wander along the historic Nerudova Street in Mala Strana and can even capture some lively views of the city’s Gothic and Baroque architecture. Also, if you have never tried Opera, this is the perfect place to give that a shot. Both Opera and ballet are performed at the State Opera or National Theater. For shopping, you can visit Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Both of those places are known for their holiday theme markets and have a lot of fun to offer.


Valkenburg, Netherlands

I understand that Christmas is a great time to do a lot of shopping, and therefore, I could not keep Valkenburg out of the “Best Places to Visit on Christmas” list. If you love shopping and traveling, then Valkenburg is a no-brainer. The Netherlands city has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. Enthusiasts can explore unique traditional Polish handicrafts, Marlstone products and take a rest in some excellent café in between. Also, the place has one of the oldest and largest underground Christmas markets where visitors have to move through labyrinths of passages of caves constructed right under the city.


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