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15th Jul'20
The DIY Culture | OpenGrowth

Not until recently, entrepreneurs busted, a long-believed myth – that many businesses fail in their early years. The report revealed that the rate of startup failure had decreased by 30% since 1977. Since the decline in the business failure rate is quite obvious, the millennium with urbane mindset is approaching the DIY method to earn their bread and butter.

The DIY culture isn’t new for this business-oriented world. Rather it has just resonated with millions around the world.


What is DIY?


Do It Yourself (DIY) is a method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts and professionals. It is mainly based on the idea of building experience from your home ground. You get to connect with people, not in a rigid mode of communication but in a healthy way. DIY is the most productive way for today’s entrepreneurs to intertwine their business ideas with their dreams and unleash a whole new level of creativeness unique to itself.


DIY: Trending among Indian startups


If we look around, startups are very much prevailing in the Indian market. The entrepreneurial mindset is turning out to be a new favourite for today’s youngsters. Along with that DIY is also trending on almost every platform. People are thinking of mixing USO entrepreneurship and DIY culture.

Let’s see what can be the possible reasons for DIY trending among Indian startups. Click on the link below:


DIY Ideas + Startups = Innovative Entrepreneurship


Millennials are termed as the DIY generation due to their association with the DIY practices, which makes them the perfect fit for innovation entrepreneurial. The cultural shift has motivated the young generation to enter the expanding DIY world.

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How to bring DIY Culture Startups into the limelight?


  • Being your own boss means freedom of expression: To grow your startups you need to be your own boss and make your own decisions. You are responsible for your growth and decline.
  • Be open to new and innovative ideas:  A good listener is a good learner. Take everything and anything from the people around you and extract the best ideas to play around.
  • Define their true identity: Trying out something and choosing your own pathway gives you a real identification. It makes you do things out of the box.
  • Keeps you connected to the audience: Starting and business comes along a dilemma will not excel or not. But DIY is one such startup's idea which has maximum chance to grow as it involves video content to attract most audiences.

Here are the links on how to bring DIY culture startups in limelight:

Both startups and DIY culture are expanding with the speed of light. In this business-oriented world, DIY startups are trending on all different social media. And any business, when done in the right direction, grows in every aspect and thus DIY culture is one such startup.

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