The Food Industry: Getting Smarter with Labelling

Sareen Yasmin

30th Sep'20
The Food Industry: Getting Smarter with Labelling | OpenGrowth

With growing demands to reduce food and packaging waste, a technology that helps the consumer to make better decisions on food waste will always be well obtained. 

In today’s technology-driven world, packaging with built-in sensors or microchips can help manufacturers ensure quality and freshness by monitoring the temperature of the product during its journey to the supermarket edge. This is where the food system meets sustainability.

There are a lot of issues interlinked to each other such as surrounding product shelf life, smart labels, and sustainability. A consumer can make better decisions about their food usage and disposal. Smart labels formulate any technology that expands on the information of a standard product label. This can include QR codes, sensors, microchips, and image recognition, and other features.


Food Labels


Smart Food Labels

To keep up with technology and make your life easier, creating smart food labels has aided the entire processing.

A smart label is a label that integrates technology that extends the functionality and contents of labels or packaging beyond conventional printing methods. This can come is a variety of forms from RFID tags, to QR codes, to near field communication. With a custom QR code generator, you can provide a quick and convenient way for consumers to access relevant information about a product, such as ingredient lists, product details, or promotional offers, simply by scanning the code with their smartphones, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


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Benefits of Smart Food Labels

Smart food labels have enhanced the food and packaging industry. It adds traceability to the product which is crucial for tracing the source of the food and preventing false goods. Overall, it helps to improve food safety and security, which is particularly important for perishable goods, such as meat, seafood and dairy products.


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Future Technology

With technological upliftment, every sector is flourishing. The food industry is getting smarter with the advancement of smart food labels. It has reduced food wastage, improved packaging and supply of food.


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