The Future Of Fashion Caters To The Home-Bound Customer

Neda Ali (Editor)

19th Feb'21
The Future Of Fashion Caters To The Home-Bound Customer | OpenGrowth

Forget power suits, haute couture, and evening gowns. This season’s hottest trends are oversized t-shirts, pajamas, and loungewear. With maximum consumers working from home and not socializing or going to concerts, clubs, or events, fashion has also had to swing around. And catering to home-bound customers is likely to survive for a while.

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The Future Of Fashion Caters To The Home-Bound Customer

In the future of fashion, brands will find innovative ways to make customers feel stylish, confident and comfortable, no matter if they are strutting down the runway or working from the couch. To know more, read here:

Fashion Caters To The Home


Consumer Behavior During COVID 

It is difficult to anticipate consumer behavior even after the regulations are lifted but many designers believe the priority will be on simpler aesthetics and on strengthening the artisans and craftspersons who are the backbone of their industry. In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of pants dropped 14% across all dealers, while sales of tops increased. The reason is simple: with more people working from home and connecting via video, workers only want to look professional from the waist up.

Other changes to shopping trends include a 143% boost in pajama sales in March and a 13% deterioration in the sale of bras. People are staying home relaxed and comfortable.

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The changing consumer behavior

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How COVID 19 is influencing consumer behavior 

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Consumer attitudes: Covid-19 x Fashion

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Consumer sentiment and behavior 

As consumers around the globe adjust to the next normal, there is significant variance in consumer sentiment and behaviors across countries. To know about consumer sentiment and behavior, read here:

Consumer Behaviour During COVID 

Changing Fashion Trends

As the lockdown proceeds and incomes shrivel, elaborate trousseaus, designer gowns, and bespoke suits riding into several lakhs of rupees have fallen over in the list of priorities of the industry's trend-conscious clients. A growing number of innovative fashion brands are linking the gap between traditional office attire and at-home loungewear. Pajamas have seen a rebirth during the pandemic, but fashionable brands and customers are taking them to the next level. Brands that are organized in the athleisure or loungewear segment perhaps have an easier time adjusting to at-home customers. 

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Customization is the future of the fashion industry

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5 post-coronavirus fashion trends 

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How Covid-19 Is Changing Everything In The Fashion Industry

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