The Importance of PR Packages

Pallavi Kumari

23rd May'22

I was on Instagram a few weeks ago when I saw an influencer live unpacking an item she had received from a brand. There were various kinds of items in that box, all were eco-friendly products. She described everything in proper detail and appreciated the brand for its efforts. A few weeks later I saw many users buying that same thing and tagging that brand as well as the influencer! I mean look at how people got influenced by her within a short span of time! 
I was naturally surprised and got curious about what is this PR package and how brands/firms leverage it for their benefit. I know you are too so let’s unbox this! Shall we?


PR Packages -  What Are They?

These paid partnerships you see on Instagram or the “unboxing” videos you watch on various platforms on your favorite influencer’s/ celebrity feed are PR packages sent by a brand or firm to them. 
These items are carefully researched and assorted by the PR team and sent to a particular influencer.
There is no legal contract between the influencer and the brand so they are free to either post the content or reject it. Of course, the motive behind this package is to drive more sales, and descriptive reviews, so that is why these brands reach out to different types of influencers according to their requirements.


Why Brands Should Send PR Packages To Influencers?

You may believe that PR packages have become popular due to influencer marketing and brand collaborations. But here is an interesting fact - all this has been in practice for a long time now. Like sending some particular item or maybe offering a service to a celebrity or sportsperson, it has been there for many years.
Many people taking up this influencer profession have only boosted a brand’s image and sales. The PR team of a brand makes sure they reach out to a particular social media influencer who creates content in their industry. The Importance of PR Packages can be easily associated with the fact that the brand is exclusively focusing on the sales number that it will bring. And how is that? Well, more than often influencers do create the content on the item or services they receive from the brand, so looking at the follower's numbers, these brands will get their potential leads from there, and voila! It is a win-win situation.




How Can You Make Your Package Personalized?

Who doesn’t like something that is customized to their preferences or requirements? We all want this. But why should brands be concerned with it? You see, when any brand reaches out to an influencer, it has to ensure that it is not just about sending a PR package. It is about establishing a connection with influencers. They are not just your representatives, they are now a part of your brand, and just as you would warmly welcome a guest into your home, the same should be done with influencers. 

What can you do?

1) Make an inquiry about their interests, and their favorite shade if you are a cosmetic brand 
2) The things they care about 
3) Add a short note addressing them and their work. 
4) Send a follow-up message after they have received the package. 

Remember taking feedback also shows how much you care about your own product/services.

Also, this is a wonderful gesture that will create a lasting impression on the person.


How Can this Become A 3x Benefit?

When a brand sends a package to a celebrity, blogger, influencer, or someone they align with, they are positive about the fact that they will receive a good amount of publicity, They often prefer this advertising because it is cheaper and it shows instant results either way.
So, The Importance of PR packages is that they benefit not only the company and influencer, but also the audience because they can easily learn the benefits and drawbacks from someone they can relate to. Sometimes they too enjoy the extra benefits as the brand offers them some exclusive benefits. And as for the influencers and brand, it is a mutual benefit.
The more popular the influencer is among the brands, the more collaborations they are a part of in the future.
Well, as for the brands it becomes easier to reach out to them and expand the influencer network.





Creating brand awareness and maintaining it for a long time is challenging. To overcome that challenge all you need is to find an influencer who aligns with your brand’s motto or industry and the next step is sending them a personalized PR package. When you put in effort, they will reward you with content.


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Pallavi is fond of exploring different industries in writing genres and trends on Instagram.

When she is not writing, she is thinking about sustainability and making her surrounding a better place.


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