The Innovative Technology Leader

Sunny Samanta

4th Apr'21
The Innovative Technology Leader | OpenGrowth

With how rapidly the world is changing and digitalization is taking over, any organizations including startups are shifting towards a transformation to augmented agility in business with the help of efficient leadership at their workplace. Leadership today is being looked upon as a strategic tool of emotional and intelligence quotient that is used in building a strong working relationship between the employer and their employees across organizations. And with the technology sector turned into a bloody war, it has become important to quickly adapt, invent, and apply to stay ahead in the competitive market globally.

If you are new into this cutthroat competitive scene and looking to leave your mark, then here the 8 most important attributes that will guide you to becoming an innovative technology leader.





Only through education, one can have the mindset and advanced skills that are conducive to innovation that can slingshot an individual to leadership or managerial roles in the business world. In other words, education is the starting point from where a person can start learning about the requisite skills, thought processes, aptitude abilities at a base level. Also, instead of taking the conventional approach, opt for more focused institutions and eLearning platforms to prepare yourself for the real world challenge waiting for you in this field.



An aspect of a leader is that the person never shies away from experimenting with things to figure out the best possible path to achieving their goals. Similarly, if you want to take up such a role then always leave room for experiment. You can always try new things whenever you get a chance. Doing so will give you a sense of creativity and ownership in what you choose to do. As a result of it, you can cultivate in yourself various methods to do even just one thing.


Championing CX


Championing CX

If you look into all the giant and successful organizations, you can notice an important similarity in them. All of those companies and organizations have the top notch customer experience (CX) is one of their top priorities. Even there are a couple of common sayings in the business world, i.e., “Customer is king” and “Put customers first.” Hence, it is evident that the best way to capture a significant portion of the marketplace is to keep taking notes of the customer feedback and work on them. Therefore, work towards developing high end customer experience based strategies. Focus on gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers as that will add immense value to your business.


Inspire, Influence, and Idolize

One of the major reasons, people idolize leaders is because they look at them as a certain symbolic representation of inspiration and influencer. Hence, if you want to be a leader yourself then you should always look towards ways in which you can not only inspire, and influence others but yourself as well. An effective way to do so in a workplace is to understand the mindset of your employees. Then you encourage and empower them accordingly to make the most out of it for everyone involved in it. Besides this, you can engage with the youths of today to learn about new things and changes they are hoping for and start working on them.


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Trust Over Skills

A lot of businesses have been made successful today because of the trust people had put in it than the skill they had on display. So, while your employees are inspired by you, work towards obtaining a place where they can trust you even in their most difficult situations. By doing so, you are inviting for far more discussions and brainstorming sessions that ultimately will add a lot of value to your business. You can gain your employee’s trust by protecting them, listening to them, sticking around them, and always by being a mouthpiece for them in all situations.



Effective communication is the way through which you can not only influence your employees but also your clients and investors to back your ideas and approaches. Starting from the execution phase to the delivery, communication is the most effective tool that makes everything possible and guides every other role and process involved in it. Also, communication helps in interacting with the people with whom you are working and foster good working relationships.


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One thing an innovative technology leader always avoids is making continuous changes to their team. It creates a disconnect within the team and therefore can cause an extreme delay in the proceedings. Also, it doesn’t bode well for the reputation of a leader amongst their peers and employees and they start to lose the connection and trust gained with their people. So, ensure that you take your time in forming your team and once you have it, back it under any situation unless and until making changes in the team is the only option left. This is what sustainability in the tech business is all about. Effective communication, transparency, and responsible employees can only be gained through a sustainable approach by a tech leader.


Networking to Innovate


Networking to Innovate

Networking is the greatest gift of the age of digitalization. It has enabled leaders to connect across the world and foster strategies to lead their business and the world in a more sustainable direction for the future to come. Effective networking is a non purchasable asset that has the potential to dig a company or an organization from its certain sealed fate and shoot it to the moon. A Nightmare on Wall Street: The GameStop Stocks Taken to The Moon is the greatest example of it in recent times. So, try to build your network of connections through various online portals and stay updated with the latest trends and current affairs to stay on top of the competition.


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