The Michelin Star Rating


19th May'22
The Michelin Star Rating | OpenGrowth

You must have heard of the quote, “We become what we eat,” and I think it is true. FOOD, A four-letter simple word, is not just a source of energy, but also our mood. Tasty and healthy food keeps us calm and happy, whereas unhealthy food makes us jittery and anxious. 

Time has changed. From using an air fryer to adopting a vegan diet, our eating habits have changed. We have become very particular about our food choices. Dining out is not just about having food with family and friends. Before choosing where to dine out, everyone checks the restaurant’s ambiance, food quality, recommendations, and ratings. 

Restaurants around the world strive to earn Michelin star ratings. Do you know about the Michelin Star Rating? Have you ever wondered how a restaurant gets them? Or how did the Michelin star rating come into existence? I am here, with all the answers to all your questions. Let’s go! 


What is The Michelin Star Rating? 

The Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants that have particularly high standards. They were first published in the Michelin Guide by Andre and Edouard Michelin: the founders of the Michelin Tire Company. They started the company in 1889, with an idea to help the then limited number make more journeys and buy more tires. 

The  Michelin guide has a list of information related to hotels and good restaurants to help them on their journey. The guide has been published annually since 1900 and has gained popularity overseas. It is a red book that millions of chefs aspire to list. These not easy to get stars are awarded to the restaurants that Mechlin considers to be the best in the given city. 


The Michelin Star Rating


How Are Michelin Stars Awarded? 

The Michelin stars are not awarded based on customer reviews but are based on undercover inspections by anonymous food experts called Michelin Inspectors. The inspectors remain anonymous to avoid any kind of special treatment and undergo official Michelin Guide training in France. They are not allowed to talk to the press and are even encouraged not even tell their friends and family about their work. It is a huge responsibility! 

The restaurants are judged based on cooking technique, quality of ingredients, and, obviously, taste. The restaurant owner is not told about the inspection, and the inspector may return around three or more times before reporting back to their fellow inspectors.

According to Michelin, the inspectors look at the five main criteria:

  1. Products Quality 

  2. Mastery of flavor and cooking techniques.

  3. The personality of the chef in their cuisine.

  4. Value of money

  5. Consistency between visits. 


The Three Stars 

The restaurants are rated on a scale of 0 -3 stars. There is also a Bib Gourmand award for restaurants offering quality food at a reasonable price. Stars are awarded to the restaurant, rather than to individual chefs.

Chefs who own more than one restaurant can therefore have more than three stars. Late Joel Robuchon, also known as Chef of the century has a record for more than three Michelin stars. He once held an astonishing  32 Michelin stars in total. Every star has a specific meaning in the Michelin Guide. Let’s understand the meaning and the importance of stars. 


One Star  

According to the Michelin Guide, one Michelin star means “High-quality cooking, worth a stop!” It may be the lowest honor, but it is still a high accolade and denotes a new cooking talent. Tokyo has 162 restaurants awarded Michelin stars out of the tens of thousands across the city. 


Two Stars 

According to the Michelin Guide, two stars means “ Excellent cooking, worth a detour”! The two-star restaurants offer high-quality food and are owned by some of the best chefs in the business. The world has only 414 restaurants with two Michelin stars.


Three Stars 

According to the  Michelin Guide, three stars means “ Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!” The three-star restaurants offer a lifetime dining experience and are owned by chefs recognized around the world for their contributions to the future of culinary innovations. Only 137 restaurants around the world have bagged three-star ratings.


The Michelin Star Rating


Are Michelin Stars Permanent? 

They are not! Yes, the Michelin stars are not permanent. They are not bound to stay in the hands of chefs once they are awarded to them. A restaurant can get a star and can lose it within a year or two. They can also be demoted in the number of stars they hold. 



Getting a Michelin star is the dream of every restaurant owner. However, it is not that easy. After reading the blog, you might think that a restaurant with Michelin stars must be expensive. My dear friend, it is not necessary. One reason why they can be a little expensive is because of the heavily-prized ingredients and the supreme hospitality they offer to their guests.

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